Plant-based milk options have been on the rise, with many consumers choosing to make the switch to a more sustainable and healthier alternative to dairy. Studies show cow’s milk to be around three times more greenhouse gas emission-intensive than plant-based alternatives such as oat milk. Oat milk contains heart-healthy beta glucans and is also significantly lower in saturated fat.

During lockdown, Benedict Lim saw an opportunity in the Asian market for a plant-based milk that didn’t taste like “doing your part”. He firmly believes that something can be good for you and for the planet – it doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive. Unable to find an oat milk good enough for his morning coffees, he decided the only way to get it right was to do it himself.

Enter Oatside, Asia’s creamy and malty response to plant-based milk. The brainchild of the 31 year old Singaporean entrepreneur enters the market with not one, but three delicious variants (Barista Blend, Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut) that are made with only real ingredients and contains no gum, emulsifiers or added flavour. All three variants are made with high quality, real ingredients – think 100% Australian oats, a blend of Indonesian and African cacao beans (for a more complex flavour profile) and dark-roasted Turkish hazelnuts sourced from Rainforest-Alliance certified vendors.

Water is integral in the creation of oat milk, as it makes up a large percentage of the beverage, which is why Oatside is made with the highest quality natural mountain spring water. Fun fact: Oatside also might just be one of the world’s smallest utility companies – the pipeline from the water source to their facility passes through a village that now receives free artisanal spring water right from their taps.

Oatside is the first “full-stack” oat milk brand to originate from this part of the world. That means the company has full control over the entire production process from farm to carton.

For more information about Oatside, do follow them on Instagram @oatside!

Images: Oatside Singapore

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