Fever-Tree, the global premium mixer brand, has introduced its new Italian Blood Orange Soda in Singapore, just in time for the festive period.

Using the same expertise that they have applied to craft their hugely successful line of tonic waters, Fever-Tree has expertly crafted their Italian Blood Orange Soda and the rest of their new Soda Collection by blending the finest naturally sourced ingredients. Designed to perfectly pair with a variety of different premium spirits, from vodkas and gins through to vermouths and Italian bitters, Fever-Tree’s Italian Blood Orange Soda is the perfect hostess gift or addition to any Christmas or Chinese New Year gathering.

Fever-Tree’s Italian Blood Orange Soda is made with juicy blood oranges sourced throughout Southern Italy and the sun-soaked groves of Sicily, known to grow best in a small area to the South of Mount Etna. With no artificial colours or sweeteners added, the bright orange look of the Italian Blood Orange Soda comes from the sub-zero temperatures that the oranges are grown in; the colder the winter, the redder the oranges are when they are harvested.

Boasting a distinct complex and sophisticated taste that is neither too sweet nor too sharp, Fever-Tree’s Italian Blood Orange Soda blends the sweet notes of the blood oranges with a skilfully chosen herbal blend, which mixes perfectly with premium spirits for a refreshing and low-calorie Spritz.

Fever-Tree’s new Italian Blood Orange Soda is available for purchase at select Cold Storage locations in 4x200ml bottles (S$9.60 per 4 pack, with a launch promo price of S$7.95 until the end of January).

Looking to impress guests during this festive period? Fever-Tree provides a handful of easy recipes to create quality drinks in the comfort of your own home. Curious home bartenders can create The Spritz Up, an elegant yet simple drink to share with friends and family:

1. Simply fill a large wine glass to the top with ice (this way the drink remains colder for longer)
2. Pour in a 50ml measure of vodka and top up with Fever-Tree’s Italian Blood Orange Soda
3. Garnish with a fresh slice of orange and enjoy!

For more information and recipe inspiration, please visit https://fever-tree.com/.

Image: Fever-Tree

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