Following the launch of their BamNut Noodles, WhatIF Foods has now launched the creamy nut milk called BamNut M?LK. Available in selected Cold Storage stores, the BamNut M?LK is a versatile nut milk that is lactose-free, wholly plant-based, has no added sugar and contains calcium, vitamins D2 and B12.

Designed to be the most nutritious milk on the market, it froths up just like dairy milk and its creaminess comes from its core ingredient, the Bambara groundnut. It delivers 7g of protein per serving, almost as much as cow’s milk. Beneficially, it contains 31% less fat than cow’s milk, and a regular glass of BamNut Milk has at least half of the recommended daily requirements for calcium, Vitamin D2, and Vitamin B12.

In comparison to cow’s milk shipped into Singapore from New Zealand, BamNut Milk has a quarter of the carbon footprint when you factor its whole production cycle: from being farmed, to packaged, and then placed on to the grocery store shelf. WhatIF Foods also manufactures BamNut Milk with a zero waste process.

Check out some of the vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes where you can use the BamNut M?LK in both savoury and sweet delights!

Images: WhatIF Foods

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