If you think that having High Tea at 6pm is a silly idea, think again. Now, for the first time in Singapore, you can enjoy a satisfying full set Peranakan High Tea all day long from Mondays to Sundays 11am to 8.30pm (last order). Only available at The Peranakan restaurant, Level 2 of Claymore Connect. Every item on the menu is authentically Peranakan, curated by a true blue Peranakan Executive Chef Owner.

Priced at just S$35++ per pax for minimum of 2 pax, the set includes 13 delectable Peranakan delights that will tantalise both your savoury and sweet tastebuds. The genuine Peranakan taste with home- cooked goodness comes without any MSG and there is even a Vegetarian option available.

For starters, there is a choice of a good old fashioned Nyonya Mee Siam cooked with just the right tinge of assam sourness, or an all-time favourite Nyonya Dry Laksa cooked Peranakan-style without the Lemak.

The plethora of mains comprise of:

Kueh Pai Tee, also known as Nyonya Top Hats commonly served as a snack or finger food. This crispy “hat” outer shell is stuffed with a sweet savoury and juicy filling of stewed julienne Yam Bean (Turnip) and condiments, topped with prawn.

Popiah Goreng, one of the staples at tea time for the Peranakans, this crispy deep fried vegetable springrolls are best eaten with our chilli cuka.

Prawn Ngoh Hiang, a juicy mouthwatering deep-fried meat roll made from well spiced and seasoned minced pork, prawns and chopped water chestnut, rolled in soya bean curd skin.

Satay Babi Kongbak Pao, freshly steamed buns served with Peranakan version of pork satay, no skewers, no peanuts.

Buah Keluak Toast, which is no ordinary toast. This unusual Indonesian Buah Keluak fruit (Pangium edule in English) is cured in volcanic ash for at least 40 days to give it a luxurious taste of dark chocolate, black olives, hints of wild mushrooms and coffee beans all rolled into one. Slap this “Truffle of the East” on a toast and you wouldn’t want any other savoury spreadable.

Nasi Ulam Istemewa, a very uniquely Peranakan salad of rice with raw herbs, vegetables, minced fish and salted fish.

Heritage Apom Bok Kwa Pisang Pengat, a quintessential Peranakan kueh made from rice flour and butterfly pea flowers extract. These little fluffy pancakes are served with a decadent sauce of caramelised bananas, coconut cream, fragrant Gula Melaka (palm sugar) and pandan leaf.

Banana Leaf Pulot Enti Kelapa, moist glutinous rice steamed in fresh coconut cream and butterfly pea flowers extract for a lovely blue hue. This desert is topped with freshly grated coconut cooked in rich Gula Melaka.

Apom Balek Durian, supposedly a 50-year old traditional Peranakan snack, this is a mini pancake ceremoniously folded to encase a sedaplicious gravy of bananas cooked in Gula Melaka and coconut cream.

Famous Durian Pengat, for true durian fans who enjoys the fruit in any form. Not a commonly found durian desert, this delightful treat is full-flavoured and comes in a mousse-like texture.

Nyonya Kueh of the Day is handmade fresh everyday, each kueh is visually appealing as it is delightful to the taste. And its colours reflects the Chef’s mood of the day!

Famous Chendol Melaka, this award winning blend of Gula Melaka and soft green chendol freshly made from Pandan leaves, is a refreshing dessert to end the meal.

Drinks include a choice of refreshing hot lemongrass infused with Pandan, Malacca coffee or Malacca milk tea.

With Singapore’s first All-Day Peranakan High Tea set, now you can enjoy sumptuous and authentic Peranakan food anytime of the day.

Bring friends and family to capture Instagram-worthy memories in a restaurant that is decked up in colourful Peranakan style that brims with vivacity.


The Peranakan
Claymore Connect @ Orchard Hotel
Singapore 238879

Website: www.theperanakan.com

Images: The Peranakan

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