Nestled within an urban retail sanctuary, Dewgather officially opens its doors at The Star Vista, serving up a quality blend of Aussie flavours with local produce and specialty coffee featuring a 3-bean house blend, The Star. Specially curated by award-winning Melbourne-based Chef Joachim Lim and led by Chef Clarence Lim, the menu showcases and incorporates Australian culture, while staying true to the brewing philosophy of Australia’s coffee culture and Singaporeans’ discernment for food.

The 120-seater is intricately designed with a sense of calm roundnesses, impeccably intended for gatherings and weekend brunches with loved ones. The space is beautifully furnished with terracotta tiles, plants and soft colours – a decision by renowned Hong Kong designer Billy Ip; while taking centre stage at Dewgather is the thoughtfully-crafted art piece made from up cycled wooden pallets.

Dewgather coffee

With a team of coffee cognoscenti, coffee is the bedrock and heart of Dewgather. The benchmark is its very own house blend, The Star, which is sustainably sourced from Brazil, El Salvador and Guatemala. Paying tribute to the qualities of the coffee beans lovingly cultivated by farmers, Dewgather roasts its coffee lightly and in-house by coffee roaster champion Kang Yi Yang, to bring out its nuances and terroir.

Well-balanced and easy to drink, the coffee offers notes of caramel and chocolate with hints of fruitiness, without being overly full-bodied. With milk, it will not be washed out and as an espresso or long black, it will not be too strong. Brewed in a clean, modern matte ceramic cup, this is the best blend for those who are adventurous and is perfect to begin one’s Dewgather experience.

As part of the caffeine ritual so ingrained in Australian culture, Dewgather has a 3-metre long slow bar where affable baristas are churning out cups of Single Origin Filter Coffee that rotate with the seasons. For this season, the café is serving up beans from Columbia, Rwanda and Ethiopia. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, pick a spot at the bar and learn more about the blends and processes behind them.

For those who aren’t into coffee, fret not. They do have other drinks options such as the Marou Hot Chocolate, Ajisai Matcha Latte, Tsubaki Houjicha Latte, selection of specialty tea pots and more.

The grub

The all-day menu at Dewgather pays homage to the Melbourne brunch scene with scrumptious early morning toasties, inspired by Australian household staples and enhanced with restaurant ingredients, such as the Triple Cream Brie, Truffle Honey and Vegemite (S$8).

For their signature new creations, feast into dishes such as the Dew Harvest Bowl (S$22) that is a visual spectacle of cayenne roasted cauliflower rested on cashew nut pesto, composite with beetroot pickled cauliflower, Japanese pumpkin, kale, cranberries, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, topped off with a generous drizzle of white balsamic and olive oil. For a boost of protein, select between house-cured salmon or grilled halloumi.

A fan favourite would be the Waffle & Fried Chicken (S$20) that has thick, gratifying portions of fried chicken on a warm buttermilk waffle, paired with homely Asian toppings such as pickled daikon and savoury kimchi. A blend of piquant flavours and caramel notes, this dish is a true fusion delight even for the pickiest of eaters.

Seafood lovers will delight in the Dew Swordfish Pasta (S$24) which is crowned with meaty yet delicate slices of seared swordfish. The linguine marries familiar notes of Thai basil with fruity, complex notes of Parmesan cheese, rocket salad, baby capers, chilli lemon, tarragon emulsion and olive oil – creating a flavour profile that the adventurous gourmand would appreciate.

If you’re feeling a bit more carnivorous, then dig into their DGBB (S$27), also known as the Dewgather Big Burger. It’s an impressive stack loaded with hearty ingredients where each layer has a succulent wagyu beef patty, thick cut bacon, crispy hash browns with a perfectly done sunny side up on top, between two buttered brioche buns. Oh, did we mention the gorgeous purple-coloured blend of mayonnaise with ground mountain pepper (an indigenous Australian spice with berry undertones) that really ties all the indulgent layers together?

For those who’d like to have a sweet brunch can treat themselves to the French Toast (S$18) which is not just a treat for the palate but also for the eyes. It is sprinkled with a spread of toothsome toppings, including a dollop of creme anglaise ice cream and generous amount of fluffy candy floss.

For the ankle-biters

Dewgather has a spread of kid-friendly offerings for those under 12, including Chicken Tenders & Chips with Tomato Sauce, Napoli Pasta with Parmesan Cheese, Fish Fingers & Chips with Tomato Sauce. All items on the kids menu come with a choice of fruit juice or hot chocolate. The café also provides child seats for little ones to dine safely at the table.

1 Vista Exchange Green
#01-46 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617

Open daily, 8am to 10pm

Tel: +65 8043 8398
Website and menu:

Images: Dewgather

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