A household name in the canned food sector, Ayam Brand has jumped onto the plant-based foods bandwagon and has launched yumeat™, plant-based food products that are healthy, savoury and affordable. yumeat™ is specially formulated for the local palate. Developed in Singapore, you can enjoy a sense of comfort, pleasure, and nostalgia with every bite of plant-based luncheon or plant-based minced meat with bean paste when prepared with popular recipes, like luncheon fries or hot porridge. What’s more, this hearty treat is meatless and naturally cholesterol-free!

Available in cans and pouches, with a long shelf life, yumeat™ products are non-frozen, which means that they are ready-to-use, no thawing required compared to most plant-based products available on the market.

Designed for guilt-free convenience, yumeat™ aims to help consumers transition to a more sustainable diet. The brand’s luncheon (190g) is priced at S$2.95, which makes for an affordable meatless option, and it contains seven times more fibre, 23% less sodium, and 53% less fat compared to the average meat alternative.

As tasty as conventional meat, yumeat™ can easily be sautéed, grilled, fried, steamed or stewed. It is also Halal-certified and free from cholesterol, MSG, GMO, antibiotics, sodium nitrite and other preservatives.

yumeat™ embodies an unwavering focus on responsible food production. It is made from sustainable ingredients, like soy and wheat, in a factory using renewable solar energy and electronic sensors to eliminate energy waste.

The carton boxes used by the brand are also made of 92% of recycled material. yumeat™ is the visible representation of years of efforts by Ayam Brand to be a socially conscious company and a steward of nature, measured through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.

For instance, the company was awarded Top Green Company in Asia at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award 2019 (ACES) and a Merit Award by the Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA), clearly leading the way in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) goals in Singapore.

“Ayam Brand has been making mealtime convenient for consumers for close to 130 years. Our trademark is known for our canned fish, but in the last 20 years, Ayam Brand has become a regional leader in many plant-based food categories such as baked beans, coconut, and several other products. Here we are continuing our vision of bringing sustainable and nutritious food to consumers. By launching yumeat™, we are committed to offering an affordable plant-based option for Singaporeans. We want to encourage Singaporeans to incorporate small yet relevant and healthier changes into their diets, and in doing so, contribute to saving the planet and improving the quality and longevity of life,” said Mr Roy Teo, Managing Director of Ayam Brand Singapore.

A survey by YouGov revealed that two in five Singaporeans are currently on a flexitarian diet – a way of eating that encourages plant-based foods while keeping meat and animal products in moderation. Singaporeans are shifting towards healthy eating habits (46%). Parents and young consumers concerned about climate change and personal health prefer meatless meals.

yumeat’s initial launch includes the following products:

  • Plant-based luncheon (190g/360g) – S$2.95/S$4.95
  • Plant-based minced meat with bean paste (195g) – S$2.95

Essentially made from soy and wheat, consumers can expect more plant-based goodies from yumeat™ in the coming months.

yumeat™ products are available in more than 30 FairPrice Finest and Xtra supermarkets. For more information on yumeat™, please visit www.yumeat.com.

Images: yumeat™

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