In light of Nurses’ Day in Singapore, World Gourmet Summit (WGS) has rallied 9 F&B establishments to prepare a lunch treat for close to 70 nurses at Metta Home for Disabled.

These 600 meals will be delivered to the Metta Home for Disabled during lunchtime where the nurses will be able to enjoy these delectable meals. Close to 70 meals will be delivered to the home each day from 2nd to 13th August 2021. More than 50kg of USA rice (Shokaku Premium Rice, PaddyKing and Okome Shortgrain) will be used for this charity initiative.

Restaurants such as The Malayan Council, Punjab Grill and Takayama will prepare a variety of their signature dishes for the nurses, who will be able to enjoy a variety of cuisines ranging from Malay-Asian, Western Fusion to Indian and Japanese.

“Our restaurant partners have been hit extremely hard by the ongoing pandemic. While we hope that the situation will go back to normal soon. We understand that the battle against Covid-19 will take some time. We are very thankful for our nurses who have worked tirelessly to keep Singapore safe. We are glad to be able to give back through the best way that we can – serving up delicious gourmet meals,” said Mr Elton Tan, Assistant General Manager, Peter Knipp Holdings.

“Prior to this pandemic, our nurses have been striving to provide holistic care to our beneficiaries, whether it’s our residents at Metta Home for the Disabled, or our patients from Home Hospice Care diagnosed with life limiting illnesses such as cancer and end stage renal failure to Metta HomeCare providing medical assistance to patients with chronic illnesses and organ failure. Their compassion for our beneficiaries during this challenging time is really remarkable. We thank all our nurses for the sacrifices they have made in this selfless journey and being a true fighter. We would also like to thank the WGS team for recognising, acknowledging and celebrating their contribution. We greatly appreciate all!,” said Ms Felicia Wee, Deputy Executive Director of Metta Welfare Association.

This year, the WGS has seen the cancellation of its overseas development programme where it offers overseas opportunities for homegrown chefs. The physical awards ceremony of the annual World Gourmet Awards had also been postponed.

Images: World Gourmet Summit

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