At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy will be paying tribute to Singapore this August by celebrating the spirit of togetherness and being in unison with the efforts to share the importance of sustainability.

National Day Harmonious Bundle

To honour Singapore’s multi-ethnic diversity through its vibrant food culture, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy came up with a takeout gourmet bundle to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. The bundle consists of Padang Beef Rendang with Turmeric Rice, an authentic Indonesian dish of tender beef stew slow cooked in rich coconut milk and aromatic spices; Kashmiri Lamb Shank with Basmati Pilaf Rice, a North Indian favourite with premium lamb shank simmered in a flavourful onion and tomato sauce infused with clove and cardamon spices; and Hong Kong Lap Mei Fan, a traditional Chinese claypot dish cooked with Calrose rice and an assortment of Chinese waxed meats such as duck, liver, pork sausages and smoked pork belly.

Each bundle includes a complimentary set of WellSpent© Ang Ku Kueh (5 pieces) that was specially created for this special occasion (see the red and white?). An innovative twist to the traditional Ang Ku Kueh, At-Sunrice’s version uses moromi, a by-product of soy sauce production and spent (sidestreams) from jackfruit seeds filling for a sweet and savoury taste.

Available for purchase from now till 31 August 2021, the bundle is priced at S$86.40 and serves 2-3 persons.

National Day WellSpent© High Tea Takeout Set

The academy has also launched a limited time only WellSpent© High Tea takeout set with locally inspired sweet and savoury canapés that are made with spent ingredients such as moromiokara (soybean pulp), jackfruit spent (filling from the seeds), coconut residue (by-product from the extraction of coconut milk) and pickled mango peel (leftover mango peels). Indulge in a smorgasbord of the following Peranakan, Malay and Chinese high tea delights:

Singapore’s Heritage Favourites
Chicken Rice | Slow-cooked chicken | Ginger Garlic Moromi
Coconut Residue Nasi Lemak | Prawn in Tangy Mango Peel Sauce | Mala Sambal

Okara Chickpea Tempeh
Epok Epok with Spent Jackfruit Filling | Sweet Sauce and Chilli

Moromi Essence Rice Roll | Traditional Condiments
Chwee Kueh | ExCoo Sauce | Pickled Okara Radish

Okara Kueh Jagung
Okara Tangyuan
Moromi Youtiao
Ang Ku Kueh
Jackfruit Kueh Salat
Spent Tea Scone

Available for purchase from now till 31 August 2021, the high tea takeout set is priced at S$38 for 1 portion and S$68 for 2 portions, with an option to purchase a wooden high tea stand to elevate your dining experience at home for a leisurely afternoon tete-a-tete.

To order either the Harmonious Bundle and WellSpent© High Tea, please visit or email for more information. Islandwide delivery is available or self-collection at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy (28 Tai Seng Street, Level 5).

Images: At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

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