You can now get fresh and exotic products such as elusive Black Chicken Eggs to Chinatown (Staircase Side) Yong Tau Foo online thanks to an expansion of product offerings on TADA Fresh Market.

67% of Singapore’s shoppers downloaded at least one shopping app (retail, food, or grocery/alcohol) during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. For businesses, TADA Fresh Market offers an end-to-end solution with a platform of engaged users, a large network of delivery partners and advanced technology for business owners to digitalise quickly in order to seize a growing market that is rapidly moving online.

Launched in May 2020, TADA Fresh Market has grown rapidly since the circuit breaker period in Singapore. As consumers continue to adopt working and learning from home arrangements, they are also looking for greater convenience, as well as the means to instantly decide what they want, when and where they want it. This on-demand retail trend, along with a corresponding increase in demand for groceries and daily necessities, has resulted in TADA Fresh Market expanding to 4 wet markets and featuring over 45 merchants as of August 2021.

To continue meeting the growing demand for instant retail, TADA Fresh Market has recently partnered with the iconic Chinatown Complex Wet Market, to offer an even greater variety of their popular products. The stores include the following:

(Since 1978) Chinatown (Staircase Side) Yong Tau Foo

Drawing long queues everyday, the Yong Tau Foo pieces are freshly handmade daily using high-quality yellowtail fish paste. Some of the bestsellers include fish cake, ngoh hiang, squid ink sotong balls and beancurd skin with fish paste. The store is currently manned by Horace and his mother. Horace has been helping out at the store since he was 6 years old, diligently packing and preparing individual Yong Tau Foo pieces with his mother.

Chia Sisters Dry Goods

Chia Sisters Dry Goods originated as a family business during the 1930s at Lau Pa Sat. Each helming different roles, Pamela, Julie and Lee Hua are among the 5 sisters who are helping out at the shop. The store offers many unique products that are not readily accessible elsewhere such as Liu Ma Kee red wet beancurd (南乳) and refined fragrant olives pieces.

Jia Rong Egg Stall

Managed by Mr Wong and his wife, Cai Ning, the couple is knowledgeable in the different types of eggs available. In addition to owning an egg store, they actually ran their own egg farm in the past. The store also carries the elusive black chicken eggs and nutritious eggs like those with Omega-3 and Selenium.


When COVID-19 cases were detected at several wet markets in late July 2021, TADA Fresh Market implemented a “contactless collection” process at the wet markets to minimize the stallholders’ and drivers’ interaction within the market. TADA’s delivery drivers also regularly perform COVID-19 testing with self-test kits issued by the company. Although the four markets TADA Fresh Market is partnered with were not amongst the affected markets, the company wants to reassure their customers the quality processes they have implemented to keep all parties (stallowners, delivery drivers, customers) safe and healthy.

Demand for instant retail remains elevated even after Singapore eases back into reopening as consumers continue to depend on channels to satisfy their on-demand purchasing habits. Recognising this trend, businesses are eager to increase their virtual touchpoints to capture this expanding consumer base. Supported by an established delivery infrastructure, this is where TADA Fresh Market serves as the platform that connects consumers and businesses. For business owners, TADA Fresh Market offers instant consumer reach, ready tools and resources to increase their online presence and boost their business. For consumers, TADA Fresh Market provides an extensive catalogue of fresh and exclusive products that are delivered promptly and safely to them.

To start your Fresh Market experience with TADA, visit their website or click though the Groceries icon on the TADA app.

Images: TADA Fresh

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