We managed to get our hands on a couple of boxes of WhatIF Food’s latest Bamnut Noodles, that are instant noodles made with Bambara Groundnuts. They are supposed to be good for you (nutritionally) as well as good for the earth as Bambara nuts do not require a lot of water to thrive and it also replenishes nitrogen into the soil. You can read more about the Bamnut Noodles here.

The preparation of the noodles is also very healthy because the noodles are air fried and the seasonings do not contain any MSG.

Nonetheless, taste is important! As such, we tried all four flavours of the Bamnut Noodles:

  1. Original with Sweet Hot Seasoning
  2. Pumpkin with Cheeky Curry
  3. Moringa with Garlic Sesame
  4. Black Charcoal with Black Pepper ‘Shroom

Do note that we made a booboo during the video…we used a strainer to strain the noodles so there was very little water in the bowl when we tossed the noodles. When we did not use the strainer and fished the noodles straight out from the pot into the bowl (with the seasoning), the residual water from the cooking made the sauce just nice.

As such, we suggest that you either add water into the seasoning mixture OR just don’t use a strainer.

The flavours of the seasonings were really good! We also liked that the Bamnut Noodles cooked really quickly – really putting the ‘instant’ in instant noodles.

The BamNut NoodBox and all flavours of WhatIF Foods Noodles are exclusively sold at FairPrice Finest for the special price of S$7.90 (usual price is S$8.90) during the months of July and August 2021.

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