As part of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy’s mission to develop culinary and F&B professionals in an environment of culinary authenticity, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has launched an online shop offering gourmet takeouts to prepare its students for the impact of food delivery to the food service industry today. With the pandemic accelerating the adoption of e-commerce platforms, having the students to be involved in the food preparation and operations of the takeouts offers a unique way of immersing culinary education with hands-on and real-world application. As such, students of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy will now be able to include managing a food delivery business to their portfolio.

Upholding the academy’s commitment on Sustainability with No Waste, At-Sunrice is also raising awareness on the impact of food wastage through its WellSpent initiatives, exploring different ways of upcycling food by combining spent (side streams) to traditional ingredients to produce novel eatables. The online shop features a variety of offerings, from heritage gourmet dishes to vegan menu, pastries, baked goods and upcycled foods.

Kashmiri Lamb Shank

Heritage Gourmet

With the team of experienced Chef Instructors hailing from different cultures and countries, the takeout menu offers a tapestry of diverse ethnic flavours. Consumers can look forward to main dishes such as Royal Indochine Laab, savoury roast duck seasoned in traditional Laotian herbs and wrapped in rice paper sheets; Myanmar Mohinga, an authentic national dish with vermicelli noodles in a refreshingly rich lemongrass-infused catfish broth and topped with garlic chips and coriander; Kashmiri Lamb Shank, a North Indian favourite with premium lamb shank simmered in a flavourful onion and tomato sauce infused with clove and cardamon spices, and served with fragrant basmati pilaf rice and achar; and Hong Kong Lap Mei Fan, a traditional Chinese claypot dish cooked with Calrose rice and an assortment of Chinese waxed meats such as duck, liver, pork sausages and smoked pork belly.

Also available are vegan food options for those who are seeking healthy, meat-free meals. The selection includes the Royal Indochine Laab (Quinoa and veggies)Vegan Kebab Curry with Tandoori Naan and Basmati Pilaf Rice, a flavourful Mughlai cuisine dish with plant-based kebab; and Punjabi Chole with Cumin Pulao, a traditional Punjabi dish prepared with Kabuli chickpeas on slow flame with tomatoes and onion.

Students will be assisting the Chef Instructors in the food preparation process, gaining hands-on experience in using the cook-chill technology where the food is prepared in At-Sunrice’s kitchen – food is freshly prepared using authentic cooking methods and blast chilled to 1 to 3°C before being vacuum-sealed to retain the flavours, quality and texture.

To serve, simply immerse the vacuum-sealed bags in hot water. This is convenient for consumers and besides enjoying tasty food, the sealed bags also minimises any risk of cross contamination as compared to ready-to-eat food deliveries.

Handcrafted Pastries and Baked Goods

Valrhona Chocolate Tart

Chef Clement Bazin and his team of talented Pastry and Bakery Chefs have also curated a selection of all-time favourite tarts, artisan breads and cookies. Having worked in several famed establishments around the world such as Joël Robuchon and Ladurée Paris, Chef Clement has put together a menu with classics that showcase his French pastry techniques.

Be piqued with offerings such as the Valrhona Chocolate Tart, a luscious tart made with 66% Caraibe dark chocolate, and handcrafted to perfection for a decadent treat that is befitting for all occasions. Or the Zesty Lemon Tart, a timeless classic made with sweet dough, lemon marmalade and smooth lemon curd, it is a refreshing dessert with a tinge of tanginess that is a perfect ending to any meal.

Bread lovers will relish in the freshly based fluffy loaves of goodness such as the Matcha Pecan Soft Sourdough, a matcha-flavoured bread with sweet and nutty pecan nuts, and the Healthy Seeds Soft Sourdough includes a healthy, delightful mix of cereal, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

If you’d like to give some cookies to friends, the Perfect Trio is the indulgent gift to do so. It’s a delicious mix of six cookies in three flavours – Chocolate Pecan, Gianduja Hazelnut and Raspberry Pistachio.

WellSpent Baked Goods and Sauces – Sustainability with No Waste

WellSpent Coffee Cookies

Upholding the academy’s commitment on Sustainability with No Waste, it is exploring different ways of up cycling food by combining spent (side streams) to traditional ingredients to produce novel eatables.

The result is Cookes and cakes made with spent tea and coffee that would otherwise be discarded after the brewing, or a soft sourdough made with Moromi, a typical waste from soy sauce production. A range of sauces such as Mala Sauce and Ginger Garlic Sauce include Moromi, and the Tangy Mango Peel Sauce is made from fermented green mango peel.

These creations are made possible through strategic collaboration with suppliers who believe in the mission of repurposing food waste into new food and thus, allowing consumers to contribute to the national agenda of Green Plan 2030.

At-Sunrice’s selection of WellSpent baked treats and sauces are also available online.


All of At-Sunrice takeout items are available on their website Islandwide delivery is available or self-collection at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy (28 Tai Seng Street, Level 5).

Images: At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

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