Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza Singapore has teamed up with Quorn, the world-renowned brand that commits to making tasty food that is both nutritious and sustainable, to launch what is billed as Singapore’s first Meatless Masak Merah pizza!

With an unbeatable promotional price of $10 for a 10” Regular pizza (u.p. S$22.30), the Meatless Masak Merah pizza is expected to please all lovers of the traditional ayam masak merah and even those new to the dish. This launch promotion is for only 1 month, beginning from 19 July 2021.

This exciting partnership between Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza and Quorn will showcase the endless possibilities of meat alternatives and offer innovative meat-free dishes to mainstream consumers, starting with the delicious Meatless Masak Merah pizza, the first of many more exciting meat-free creations to come.

“This is Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza’s newest meat-free pizza that contains plant-based proteins that bear a striking resemblance to traditional meat in both flavour and appearance. As a brand that values sustainable food choices, we want to cater to the growing movement of young consumers who are looking for sustainable yet tasty food options here in Singapore, and our Meatless Masak Merah pizza addresses that.”

“We believe that there are also many flexitarians in Singapore who are also keen to consider more meat-free foods in their diet and we’re sure our innovative meat-free pizzas will impress them” said Mr. Mohamed Abdullah, CEO of Hobbs Holdings, the master franchise owner of the Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza brand here in Singapore.

“Quorn’s sustainable meat-free products allows like-minded brands such as Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza to create new and inventive meat-free menu items,” said Winston Long, Sales Manager (Food Service), Monde Nissin Singapore. “We hope that creations like the Meatless Masak Merah pizza will provide all Singaporeans with more alternative protein options, especially those looking for tasty yet sustainable choices.”

Chick-less Bites

To commemorate this exciting nationwide partnership, Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza will be giving away an unprecedented total of 2,400 FREE Chick-less Bites, one side portion of the Chick-less Bites with every meat-free Meatless Masak Merah pizza order.

These specially breaded meatless bites are exclusively made by Quorn for Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza and carry an authentic and delicious taste that everyone will enjoy!

Southern Fried Bites

And the launch doesn’t end with only pizzas!

Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza is also launching a new meat-free side called Southern Fried Bites at a promo price of S$5.00. This delicious side is made from Quorn’s chunky meatless Southern Fried Bites, a crowd favourite and great tasting snack with every Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza meal.

Said Mr. Abdullah, “We at Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza are really excited about our partnership with Quorn and we can’t wait to introduce more innovative meat-free foods with them in the very near future.”

Orders of the Meatless Masak Merah pizza and the Southern Fried Bites can be placed from 19 July onwards through Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza’s website, via phone at 62410241, or by walking in to any of the 19 outlets across Singapore, details of which are on Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza’s website.

Images: Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza

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