With more consumers taking to a plant-based diet, many F&B outlets are increasingly adding vegetarian protein alternatives to cater to meet such demand. Plant-based diets promote healthy living, animal rights and even environmental consciousness, and its benefits of better health have led Singaporeans to make significant lifestyle changes. Being a foodie’s paradise, Singapore F&B outlets are constantly looking to localise products for Asian palates, including using alternative meat protein.

At Guoco Tower, F&B tenants such as Ah Lock & Co, Aburi-En and KIPOS have taken up the challenge to incorporate plant-based meals into familiar Asian favourites such as Curry Chicken and Hakka Yong Tau Foo. These 3 F&B tenants have added modern twists to Asian dishes, catering meatless meat and alternative protein dishes for distinct palates. Despite serving different cuisines, they have exemplified that there is more to a plant-based diet than just Impossible burgers.

Ah Lock & Co:

Innovating Singapore’s traditional comfort food with a modern perspective, Ah Lock & Co have incorporated impossible meats as a version of their best-selling Hakka Signature bowl, a modern take on traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo and Thunder Tea rice. Priced at S$11.80 per bowl, it is one of the first meatless version of a very traditional dish.


Specialising in aburi or partially grilled meat, Aburi-EN offers high-quality donburi (rice bowls) and has come up with NEXT meat, an alternative soy-based meat using boneless short ribs made of soybean proteins. With Asian palates tending to swing towards more robust flavours, the chemistry between the sauces and the grilled meat encourages customers to try alternative meats.


Dishing out gourmet bowls, KIPOS has created different vegetarian proteins such as tofu and sambal Tempeh. In addition, improvised items such as Chi-Quorn rice, a vegetarian option of their popular Lo-cal Chicken Rice, and the Keto Bowl, Paleo Bowl are all options on the menu to fit as many dietary restrictions as possible.

Images: Aburi-EN, Ah Lock & Co and KIPOS

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