We’re approaching the end of April and with May coming up, this means that Mother’s Day is coming soon too! Besides a meal with your mum or the motherly figure in your life, I’m sure most of you would like to send some sweet treat(s) to them to celebrate this special day. The Pine Garden has come up with 3 new flavours for this Mother’s Day and we got to try them first! Do read to the bottom for special promotion code.

Coconut Mojito Coffee

As shown in our featured image, the Coconut Mojito Coffee cake is covered with desiccated coconut flakes and the cream is infused with coconut and rum, and a generous of coconut jelly is folded in the cream as well. The fresh cream is sandwiched between layers of their signature soft coffee moist cake and the makers hope to transport you to the Caribbean with this combination.

This is our favourite cake out of the 3 specials as it had a slight alcoholic flavour but was not too heavy overall. The coconut jelly as well as the desiccated coconut shreds added a nice texture to the soft cake. We also loved the chocolate coffee beans! More we say!

0.5kg at $38
1.0kg at $58

Bacon & Floss Cheesecake

We were most intrigued by this flavour when we first saw it. Bacon in a cheesecake and topped with meat floss? The Pine Garden’s all-time favourite cheesecake is silky-smooth and creamy and we all love the crunch into the buttery cracker base. But with this souped up version, they have added bacon and spring onions inside, with spicy meat floss to add in a bit of kick.

We still can’t decide how we feel about this cake. On first bite, it is creamy, savoury and spicy before the typical sweet creaminess of the cheese mellows out in your mouth. This is not a sweet cake. It is a savoury cake…and we don’t love it but neither do we hate it. While it was doing tricks between our brains and our mouths, we found ourselves taking bite after bite until the whole slice is finished because the savoury and spicy bits helped to cut away the creaminess while the creaminess also helped to put out the fire from the chilli. This might be what comes out if a 葱油饼 (spring onion pancake) or bak kwa married a ravioli and had a spicy baby. Definitely for the adventurous!

0.5kg at $53
1.0kg at $72

Reduced Sugar Yoghurt Oat

The Pine Garden has reduced the sugar in this recipe as a healthier choice. Moreover, it is made using yoghurt and oats, which is known to improve digestion and help lower cholesterol.

This is our least favourite flavour of the 3 specials. Our first thought when we saw the flavour was that this would taste a bit like a Bircher Muesli on cake and we were relatively close to that in terms of texture. However, the taste test was what disappointed us. There was a surprising fermented taste on first bite which kinda mellowed out on the third bite or so. We’re not talking about yoghurt’s signature tartness but more musty. Moreover, the layers of yoghurt were much thicker than the usual cream so it does feel a bit heavier. The only saving graces were the oats and the blueberry on the top, plus the fact that it really is not that sweet and would be appealing to those who do not have a sweet tooth but would still like to eat some cake.

0.5kg at $46
1.0kg at $65

Mother’s Day promotion

Get 10%  discount off The Pine Garden’s Mother’s Day Collection 2021 for orders placed by 2 May. If you’re ordering online, apply the promo code APRIL10 to enjoy a discounted delivery fee of $10 (usual $18).

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