Everyone loves ice-cream and this is especially true for those of us who live in the sweltering hot tropics. Gelato lovers will be delighted to know that a new gelateria, Momolato, that happens to also be keto-friendly recently opened up. Additionally, it was also announced just earlier this week that the popular Museum of Ice-Cream which is dedicated to all things ice-cream related will be opening a branch over here in Singapore in the second half of this year. Plenty for us ice confectionary lovers to savour and look out for.

Momolato’s trendy gelateria, which remains opens until the wee hours of 2am, is located over at the hipster hangout hot spot of Haji Lane. The moment that you step into the café, you are instantly welcomed by a tantalising whiff that smells like an appetising mix of pandan, Gula Melaka and freshly baked waffles. The stylish interior décor of the gelateria features chic hand-crafted rattan boards, retrospective Peranakan tiles and idyllic botanical palm designs that make for an eclectic mix of modern day kampong meets tropical paradise. All tableware and utensils used by Momolato are made from biodegrable, carbon neutral, and environmentally sustainable Areca leaves or birchwood.

Momolato has been supplying their flavourful gelatos to some of Singapore’s top restaurants for many years. Owner and chef Sharon Tay quit her job in investment banking back in 2014 and flew all the way to Bologna, Italy to learn gelato making from the best of the best over at Carpigiani Gelato University, which is the world’s first university dedicated to gelato-making. Serious stuff! Sharon made headlines and did us proud when she became Singapore’s first representative at the Gelato World Tour Finals in 2015 and even clinched the Asia-Pacific title. In 2016, she competed once again against 35 finalists from 18 different countries, and emerged as the “Press Choice” that was chosen by a distinguished panel of journalists and gelato experts. Not bad at all.

Chef Sharon Tay says of her premium quality gelato range, “My intent for Momolato is to create inventive, not-too-sweet gelato flavours that capture the essence of exquisite ripe fruits, as well as various gourmet and natural ingredients. My focus is on using minimally processed, fresh, whole ingredients as well as simple, clean methods to churn out fresh, locally made gelato daily. Gelato makes people happy.” When quizzed on what her own personal favourite flavour that she makes would be, she cheerily responds without any hesitation, “The Kochi Yuzu Shiso of course!”.

To keep things exciting, the gelato range changes every week and offers a cornucopia of exotic and delightful creations. Momolato’s perennial bestsellers are the Red Watermelon Soursop and the Tripe Blend Dark Chocolate. My personal favourites out of the flavours that I sampled and tried are the Ondeh-Ondeh Sweet Potato Swirl and Oolong Kyoto Hojicha. They were both creamy without being overpoweringly sweet and possess just the right combination of discernable flavour that balance together harmoniously.

Other notable must-trys include the Chocolate Arabica Coffee from Ecuador, Sea Salt Roasted Sicilian Pistachio, Korean Strawberry Cheesecake and Himalayan Osmanthus Mango Paasionfruit (between S$4.90 to S$5.90 per scoop). Enjoy your scoops of pure heaven in a pandan leaf-wrapped waffle cone (ranges from S$1.50 to S$3), or accompanied with classic waffles or a scrumptious signature “croffles” (S$6.60 to S$12 for Keto), which is a smart hybrid mix of a buttery croissant and a waffle. Momolato’s freshly made-to-order waffles and croffles are also served alongside Italian mascarpone cream, as well as a delectable salted caramel sauce.

Not many establishments offer Keto or sugar-free options. The good news is that Momolato’s Keto, sugar-free, and diabetic-friendly gelato range is sweetened naturally using monk fruit extract, stevia, erythritol, and allulose; all ingredients that are not absorbed by the gut. Additionally, the Keto, sugar-free, diabetic-friendly range also extends to divine smoothies with the likes of Mango Yoghurt Pomelo, Chocolate Coconut Banana or Strawberry Cheesecake (S$8 each). To cool off on a steamy hot day, you simply cannot go wrong with Momolato’s Popsicle Spritzers such as “Watermelon Mint and Watermelon Kiwi Pop”, “Coconut Water Lychee pop” or “Mango Coconut and Passionfruit”.

*Special Promo – Enjoy your complimentary beverage with every double scoop of gelato during this Ramadan period from 12th April to 12th May, 8pm to 10pm, daily.

Momolato Cafe
Address: 34 Haji Lane S189227
Tel: +65 8883 7968
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday – noon to 11pm
Friday and Saturday – noon to 2am

Instagram: @momolatosg
Facebook: facebook.com/momolato
Website: www.momolato.com

Images: Momolato

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