With Mother’s Day coming soon, some of you might have the idea of preparing breakfast in bed or treating mum to a home cooked brunch. We can help you spice those up with some mocktail ideas!

Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits were crafted to pay homage to the flavours of the world’s most time-tested spirits, made to look, taste and sashay around the palate just like the originals that inspired them. Best of all, they’re made from a mix of natural flavours, extracts and distillates derived from fruits, botanicals, spices, seeds and other natural sources. As such, the products contain flavour notes that are a tribute to classic alcohol’s warmth on the palate but is a delicious alternative for those who do not wish to drink alcohol (or can’t hold their drink) but still want to kick back with a cool, relaxing beverage.

There’s a Mother’s Day promotion where you can get a gift pack for mum – get 1 free bottle when you buy 4 from Lyre’s award-winning range of 13 non-alcoholic spirits online from 1-8 May 2021.

Check out some of the recipes and meal occasion:

  • Customise Mother’s Day Brunch with a Lyre’s Cosmopolitan – its zesty and tart flavour will go well with a decadent brunch
  • If you’re planning a Mother’s Day Picnic, then the Lyre’s Blood Orange Spritz is a perfect companion in our hot weather
  • Pampering mum with a massage? Make it a combo with the Lyre’s Gin Mule which will also help mum relax with its warming ginger flavours, very much the same way a massage soothes tired muscles
  • Up the ante on a home-cooked dinner by serving it with Lyre’s Contessa Negroni as an aperitif. Mum will definitely give thanks to the chef!

Images: Lyre’s

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