Fukui (福井), a hospitality-driven omakase concept, has launched at 25 Mohamed Sultan. Founded by sisters Eugenia and Emilia Tan, the team is headed by veteran head chef Nick Pa’an (of now defunct Santaro Japanese Restaurant), they will present the storied culture and bountiful offerings of Japan.

Set within a shophouse, the modern interiors of the 3,000 sq ft restaurant was inspired by the comforts and tranquility of a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) and exudes an aesthetic echoing Japanese sensibilities of simplicity and serenity. There is a 12-seater sushi counter in the main dining area, which is offset by a lively ambience, providing a space for patrons to enjoy an uninterrupted view of Head Chef Pa’an and his team at work.


Coupled with omotenashi – Japan’s famed style of hospitality from the heart – curated dining menus for lunch and dinner feature a gastronomic journey through Japan’s seasonal best sourced from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, Saga Prefecture and Hokkaido. Head Chef Pa’an, with over 20 years of Japanese culinary experience under his belt, presents a simple yet bold cuisine showcasing traditional cooking methods, the refined flavours of premium Japanese ingredients and his own modern twists.

Expect ingredient-driven creations, from teasing the natural oils out of kanpachi (great amberjack) with warayaki (traditional straw fire cooking) in full view of patrons to his two-year-old and growing anago (sea eel) sauce that accentuates plump Hokkaido rice grains and an unlikely accompaniment of house-marinated garlic for his sushi courses.

Lunch at FUKUI starts from S$88++ for six-courses to S$158++ for seven-courses, and dinner starts from S$188++ for seven courses to S$388++ for 13-courses. You can view their Omakase menu here.

25 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238969
Tel.: +65 6509 0909
Email: hello@fukui.sg
Website: www.fukui.sg

Images: FUKUI


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