The fine-casual burger joint, Shake Shack, is set to open it’s sixth location at Great World City this Spring of 2021. Just like it’s previous locations, Shake Shack has partnered with another local artist, tobyato, to dream up a mural for their latest restaurant. The mural is inspired by the fascinating history of the mall – its namesake comes from one of Singapore’s first amusement parks, Great World, built in the 1920’s.

Stop by the newest Shack to catch a glimpse of tobyato’s vibrant mural, which is a sprawling abstract work reminiscent of the infectious, carefree energy and moods of a bygone era. The lively colours are a homage to the amusement park’s playful atmosphere that appealed to all ages, mirroring Shake Shack’s inclusive appeal, with its diverse offering of food, beverages and welcoming environment. The sprawling shapes and lines are a signature of tobyato’s body of work and personality, which often features swirling motifs with a touch of playfulness.

Shake Shack Great World
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#01-101 Great World City
Singapore 237994

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