What would Christmas be without some chocolate to ring in the festivities? Wicked Chocs, the geniuses behind Singapore’s best-selling Merlion Chocolates since 2006, has unveiled their seasonal range of new arrivals and long-time favourites designed to make every chocolate lover rejoice in the festive season.

It’s the time of giving and indulging with your loved ones while treating yourself – and this luxury chocolatier invites those with a sweet tooth to explore this year’s delights. Whether it’s a box of handmade classics, fruity, nutty, creamy or boozy beautiful ganache, have a craving for a luxurious box of mixed chocolates, or hankering after a bar of artisan-made chocolate, there is something for everyone.

About Wicked Chocs


Founded in 2006, Wicked Chocs was focused on creating pralines and customised chocolates for corporate clients and events. However, when the founder was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and Krislyn Koh (the current Managing Director of Wicked Chocs and daughter of the founder) had undergone major spinal surgery in 2013, the family decided to solely focus on the parent company Kristal Pte Ltd and ceased Wicked Chocs.

Krislyn experienced declining mental health after her father’s passing and she decided to resign from her previous job, right before COVID-19 spun out of control in Singapore. The pandemic affected Kristal Pte Ltd severely as their sales came mostly from tourists, and Krislyn knew how crucial it was to pick up where her father left off and to help her mother. As such, Wicked Chocs was revived, with new products to appeal to locals.

Once things are stable in Singapore, Krislyn would like to expand Wicked Chocs and create flavours that are unique and quirky to the palette. She has also set her mind on conducting workshops and factory tours to educate the general public about chocolate.


The Christmas collection


Wicked Chocs’ Christmas collection consists of three different types of alcoholic chocolates (yay!) and a mixture of kid-friendly, alcohol-free milk and dark chocolate (a.k.a. sober chocolates). The Christmas line up also stars an additional flavour of Coffee Liqueur, packaged in a glittery ornament ball. They’re created with the sensual and wondrous fusion of highly-sought-after Arriba beans from Ecuador and the fruity aromatic wild Venezuelan beans. Fret not, the cocoa beans are ethically sourced while the roasting, winnowing, tempering and moulding processes are all done in-house at the facility in Singapore. Fun fact: there are actual cocoa trees lining the factory!

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We managed to get a glittery ornament ball full of Wicked Chocs and we love how boozy and rich the chocolates were! Despite it not having a liquid centre, each piece was a wonderful amalgamation of alcohol, cream and chocolate that packs a punch. We especially liked the Whiskey-Baileys and Soju ones because you can really taste the alcohol as well as the slight punch it packs, which is sorely lacking in a lot of other brands of alcoholic chocolates. And if you *ahem* finished the chocolates, you can always use the ornament balls to repack small gifts for others and it also looks great on the Christmas tree!

We say, support local while sharing the love (or just keep it all to yourself…hohoho) and have a Wicked time!

To purchase, please visit wickedchocs.myshopify.com


Images: Wicked Chocs



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