End-of-year Festivities with Singapore’s First Bar & Restaurant Whisky Trail

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Good news for whisky lovers in Singapore! Despite the postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Whisky Journey has revamped their concept as a 10-day bar and restaurant whisky trail from 11 to 20 December!

Organised by The Whisky Store, one of the pioneers in the local whisky scene, this special festival seeks to reinvigorate the local F&B community that has been severely hit by the pandemic and to provide a platform for rebuilding the industry in the weeks ahead.
This unique event allows guests to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones through a unique ‘travel’ experience, one golden-hued dram at a time. As a first-of-its-kind concept, 15 local bars and restaurants will be partnering whisky distilleries around the world to offer unique tasting menus, whisky pairings, signature serves and rare bottles for purchase at close to wholesale prices. There is something for everyone – from first-time imbibers to connoisseurs. 
The damage to the wallet isn’t large either! At an affordable S$32 per person (early bird; S$45 each at door), you can look forward to an around-the-world whisky tour where over 300 whiskies will be presented, complete with heritage brands such as Bunnahabhain, award-winning whisky icon Tomatin and Scottish master Loch Lomond to celebrate the end of the year as well as Singapore’s vibrant F&B scene. 
Left: Wala Wala Café Bar (photo was taken before social distancing rules); Right: Tomatin Distillery
Participating bars of Whisky Journey will also be celebrating both the dawn and evolution of the bar culture in Singapore, where guests will rediscover old familiar spaces such as Cable Car 1890’s Saloon and Wala Wala Café Bar while uncovering new gems like Malts and The Writing Club, who have played a pivotal role in shaping the bar culture we enjoy and celebrate today.
To complete the sensory experience, a delectable range of additional whisky tasters will be available at S$2 onwards, together with unique tasting menus thoughtfully curated with partner distilleries that are available exclusively during the event. Bar and restaurant staff will also be readily available to share more about the heritage that shaped each whisky.
Whisky Journey will be carried out in accordance with existing government regulations with temperature screening and social distancing restrictions in place. To ensure that guests will have the opportunity to enjoy their free whisky drams, free pours will be extended till 30 December for pass holders at selected partner bars. Guests are encouraged to make reservations before visiting each partner bar or restaurant as well.
Whisky Journey 
Price: S$32 (Early Bird), S$45 (at door)
Includes: A free Glencairn whisky glass, a Whisky Journey passport and a free 10ml tasting dram at each participating bar and restaurant.

Images: Envato and Whisky Journey


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