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Ladies and gentlemen, 

Yours truly has taken up WEBUY‘s 828 Lalala Mukbang Challenge! What is it about? Well, it’s all about being the fastest eater of the latest trending Sour and Spicy Noodles (酸辣粉) to win the grand prize of S$828! If you’re able to finish the whole bowl within a minute, you will get to win 1,000 coins on WEBUY. 
Do note that to ensure consistency, all participants have to capture on video the process of pouring hot water into the cup and preparing the item; the clock will start from the time you start eating till the time you finish and show an empty cup. As for me…hurhur…I couldn’t finish the soup. Not that it wasn’t yummy…but because I didn’t want my timing to be more than 10 minutes! 
Now…a little story behind this whole challenge. To mark its first anniversary, Singapore-based social commerce start-up WEBUY kickstarted its own 828 Food Fair with group-buy bargains, novelty products and a whole host of activities such as this Mukbang Challenge.
WEBUY plans to make the 828 Food Fair an annual affair and to make it as popular as the “11/11” event when online retailers all over the world go on sale. The 828 Food Fair will also be a launchpad for interesting new food products that WEBUY sources globally.

Giveaway alert!

Now, dear reader, I have 5 WEBUY S$10 vouchers to giveaway. What do you have to do?
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1. ‘Like’ the above video
2. ‘Subscribe’ to my YouTube channel      
3. Tag a friend in the video comments
1. ‘Like’ the video that I posted on my Instagram account
2. ‘Follow’ me on Instagram
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Multiple entries are allowed. Contest ends on 5 Sep 2020. I will pick 5 (in total) from both Instagram and YouTube, and I will announce the winners on 6 Sep 2020. Do note that all winners will eventually need to sign up for a WEBUY account in order to receive the S$10 vouchers in their accounts.

For more details about WEBUY, please visit them on:

Image: WEBUY
Video: Melissa Fann

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