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Usually, it will be one of us writing a review but this time around, you not only have one but two of us to review the set of low sugar mooncakes that Hong Kong Meixin (MX for short) has come out this Mid-Autumn. 

Since 2005, Hong Kong MX Mooncakes has earned countless international honours over the years and the brand’s signature White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 egg yolks and Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 egg yolks both received the Gold Medal in the Food Products category of the annual Monde Selection Quality Award held in Belgium.

While it is easy to go crazy over funky new flavours, we’ve opted to try out the traditional Low Sugar range – White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk and White Lotus Seed Paste with Pine Nut. Why? Because we’re also part of The Wellness Insider and we believe that while it is fine to have the occasional indulgence, why not opt for the healthier option if it exists?

The taste test

Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk

Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk, S$63.80/ 6pcs

Reviewer Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Pine Nut
Melissa’s Review I’m usually not a fan of traditional baked mooncakes because the crust may end up being too dry but MX’s mooncakes did not have a dry crust! However, the baked skin was a bit oilier than the version without the egg yolk and as such, the top of the mooncake was a bit squished and I couldn’t see the words.

I think one would be surprised that these mooncakes are low sugar (containing only 5% of the usual amounts) because they’re really sweet enough. I quite like the mix of sweet with a slight savoury twist from the salted egg yolk too.

The pine nuts add a bit of crunch into the otherwise super smooth lotus paste.

The crust is not dry but noticeably less oily than the version with the egg yolk. But as a result, the lotus paste was bit more cloying to the mouth. Still delicious nonetheless.

Again, I was pleasantly surprised that this was low in sugar because it tastes almost like a full sugared version.

Jayne’s Review I personally love traditional baked mooncakes. To be honest, when I first heard about low sugar alternatives, I was sceptical. 

However, MX’s mooncakes completely amazed me. Among the mooncakes I have tried this year, theirs would have to be the moistest of them all.

While I did notice an oilier yolk (resembling a liu sha bao), I was still impressed by the smooth white lotus paste. For a low sugar alternative, it did not lose out on taste. I thoroughly enjoyed the balance of the sweet lotus paste and savoury egg yolk. And this time, without the awful sugary taste that tends to linger in the mouth! 

Like the traditional baked mooncake, the lotus paste in this one was luscious and had the right amount of sweetness.

I never understood the appeal of plain mooncakes without egg yolks. Most of them I have tasted tend to be dry, or have overpowering ingredients added to them. But I am converted after tasting this one.

The addition of the pine nuts was a smart one. It added a nice nutty taste and layer of texture that complemented the sweet lotus paste. Overall, it tasted extremely fresh and light, like it had just been taken out of the oven. 

Overall Score 10/10 9.5/10

What we also liked was that the Low Sugar versions came as mini mooncakes, which means that you can really consume this delectable treat in smaller quantities (less calories overall) or you can also try out other flavours of mooncakes when you’re sharing them with your family and friends.

This would also make an excellent gift to your elderly parents or grandparents who do not like too sweet or oily foods. For the younger crowd, MX has come up with a Lava Mooncake series. It includes flavours such as the Lava Custard which boasts an oozy golden egg yolk custard centre, and many more. There is something for everyone!
To order, do visit Hong Kong MX at www.hkmxproducts.sg or any of their physical locations around the island. There will be free delivery for purchases above S$200 except for their Snowy Mooncakes range.

Images: Hong Kong MX 

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