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If you want something a little different this Mid-Autumn Festival, then you might want to check out the snowskin mooncakes co-produced by foodpanda, Pan Pacific and Hai Tien Lo! These limited edition mooncakes come in a box of 4 different flavours of Hazelnut Yuzu, Raspberry Chocolate, Matcha Black Sesame and Soursop Lychee.

Let’s talk a little bit about the box. How adorable is this stack of drawers that houses the mooncakes? It definitely is reusable for knick-knacks such as keys, nail polish or haberdashery items. 

Each drawer slides out to reveal the mooncakes made in foodpanda’s signature pink (yay, my favourite colour!) with the cutest panda logo embossed! It would’ve been better if each box of mooncake had the flavour labeled on it but then again, if you’re like me, you’ll be busy cutting into each mooncake to taste them immediately and guessing the flavours isn’t that difficult thanks to the distinct colours of the ingredients.

Tasting the mooncakes

Nonetheless, the taste of these snowskin mooncakes is of utmost importance and I have my expectations up since this is produced not just by foodpanda but with Hai Tien Lo in Pan Pacific. 
My first advice to those who are getting this mooncake is to put it immediately in your fridge for an hour if you want to consume it within the day. Otherwise, stick it in your freezer and defrost it in your fridge before eating it. When I received my box, some of the mooncakes were a little too soft and some liquids were oozing out out the plastic cases that each mooncake was in.
Do also note that because the mooncakes do not have any preservatives, they’re best consumed on the day itself or within 3 days.

Hazelnut Yuzu

I love the burst of refreshing yuzu on the first bite plus the little crunches of hazelnut and what I think are mini chocolate balls. Don’t expect the outer mousse (I’m guessing this) layer surrounding the yuzu centre to taste like Nutella. While it was a tad chocolatey and had hazelnut, it did not taste as strong as Nutella. As such, the yuzu is the star of this mooncake. 

Raspberry Chocolate

This was my favourite out of all the mooncakes and this was not expected at all! It tasted like a chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis that you can eat without a spoon. As such, it tasted the most luxe out of all the other flavours and similar to the yuzu, the raspberry added a refreshing tartness to the mooncake so that it doesn’t feel heavy at all. The snowskin was a bit of a letdown to the whole mooncake as it was a tad too thick and tasted rather doughy. I reckon that this mooncake would’ve tasted better if it was covered in a chocolate casing instead.

Matcha Black Sesame

This was one of the flavours that I really wanted to try because it is a combination of two flavours that I like and I know would go together in a subtle way. Because there’s no tartness in this mooncake, it naturally tasted a bit heavier on the palate compared to the Hazelnut Yuzu and Raspberry Chocolate. This is possibly why the skin used for these mooncakes tasted the best with this combo. Nonetheless, the filling was more like a mousse than a paste so it was still relatively lighter than other mooncakes.

Soursop Lychee

This was the other flavour that I was really looking forward to because I could imagine the fruits combining into a wonderful amalgamation encased in snowskin. However, this mooncake also turned out to ‘leak’ the most liquid, which turned into a soppy mess when I was cutting it. I liked that I could see the lychee bits in the mousse-like filling but the flavours were kind of overpowered by the taste of the snowskin.


I love snowskin mooncakes so the skin used in these mooncakes were a disappointment. Especially since I have eaten Hai Tien Lo’s other concoctions before. Nonetheless, it was the only letdown because I really liked that it is so cute, and the fillings were light, non-traditional and refreshing. Love the box that it comes in, and at S$68.80, you get it delivered straight to your doorstep too!
Go get yours today through foodpanda’s pandamart while stocks last!

Images: foodpanda 

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