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I chanced upon this at Cold Storage the other week and I couldn’t resist it because it’s a limited edition drink and it’s Hello Kitty! So cute! I was also intrigued with the “Apple Pie A La Mode” flavour. 

Young Master Brewery started in Hong Kong in 2013 and they regularly come up with limited flavours where they self-distribute in Hong Kong as well as Singapore. 

Taste test

The Apple Pie A La Mode is supposed to be an apple vanilla cream ale so I was expecting it to be a bit sweet, fruity with a creamy aftertaste. At first sip, it tasted like a very creamy beer and I was wondering what happened to the apple flavour. Then it came as an aftertaste. 
Now, I’m not into beer but I do appreciate a lychee or berry beer once in a while. Young Master, you may have successfully lured me in with Hello Kitty and a dessert-named flavour but you have not won me over with the taste. It is a decent beer but…it failed to deliver apple pie-ness. 

Where to get it

You can try out the Young Master x Hello Kitty at Cold Storage (S$7/can or S$10 for 2 cans). For other Young Master ales, you can order them by the case at their website

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