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If you were like me, you wouldn’t have known that there’s a day for fried chicken but now we do and it’s celebrated on the 6th July! As such, Foodpanda and selected vendors are celebrating the love for this sinful craving with some scrumptious deals. 

The fried chicken deals

Texas Chicken

Enjoy 43% off on their Mega Max 2pc chicken meal. They also have a limited flavour inspired by Korean fried chicken called Saranghaeyo Maewoyo.


Savour a sweet deal starting with 30% off foodpanda’s exclusive 5pc Sharing Platter from Popeyes. If you’re ready to tantalise your tastebuds, you might want to try their Ghost Pepper Chicken range.

Nene Chicken

Satisfy your fried chicken craving with 30% off special deal categories.

Tenderfresh Classic

Enjoy 30% off the Sarang Party Chick menu from our heartland favourite and don’t miss out on the delish Promotional Set and Bento Set as well!

Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Of course, you can also sink your teeth into what is considered to be Singapore’s OG fried chicken!
All these fried chicken options are available on foodpanda. Enjoy!

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