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Good news for those who love seafood and like it spicy! Singapore’s first fish and crisps brand has revamped their menu (check out the new menu here) and one of the items on Big Fish Small Fish’s (BFSF) menu includes spicy fish and crisps. The golden battered fish (as seen above) is coated in a special spicy powder, which is a blend of chilli, black pepper and mixed spices. We took a bite and wooo was it SPICY!

Variety of fish to choose from

BFSF offers a choice of six fish varieties, including Haddock, Salmon and Seabass. After choosing your choice of fish, you can also decide to pair the meal with either potato crisps, french fries, pilaf rice or salad. I do recommend the rice and crisps if you’re feeling like having a staple.

“Over the past year, we dished out many menu varieties such as burgers and rice boxes. We realised that we had moved away from our core product which is fish. With our revamped menu, we are shifting the focus back to our fish. We strive to serve up even more delicious fish & crisps so as to satisfy the cravings of our customers,” said Tham Kok Yun, Co-Founder, BFSF.

Free flow of sauces

A big hit at Big Fish Small Fish over the years has been their free flow of sauces where diners can help themselves to generous squeezes of sauces such as curry, salted egg, cheese and peanut at the sauce station. They’ve added three new sauces to the mix – Spicy Thai, Hababero Pickle and Honey Mustard.

The salted egg sauce was a bit sweet and did have a hint of curry leaves flavour but both Luke and I felt that the curry sauce was the best. The cheese sauce was the typical nacho cheese dip while the Habanero Pickle sauce was too watery and not sour enough to placate this lady’s want for vinegar – just like how traditional Fish & Chips are served in the UK. Not thrilled with the honey mustard…might work with the salad but not with the fish nor the chips/crisps.

For those who want to eat clean

If you’re not a fan of fried food or are trying to eat a bit cleaner, do opt for BFSF’s grilled fish or chicken. The grilled menu items also come in original and spicy flavours.

FOMO bucket for group meals

If you’re there with family or friends and can’t decide what to get individually, why not go for their FOMO bucket which comprises 2 battered dory, 4 battered chicken, 8 calamari, crispy whitebait, fresh potato crisps, 2 coleslaw and 2 pilaf rice. Great for sharing as well as tasting most of the items on the menu! 

Ending on a sweet note

For dessert, diners can choose between churros coated with cinnamon sugar, chocolate or salted egg lava dip. And all can be washed down with their homemade lemonade or iced tea!


BFSF would be a go-to place if you’re looking for quality fish at prices that are lower than some other restaurants such as Manhatten Fish Market or Fish & Co. However, batter-wise, it is just ok. The sauces were a great idea (there’s only so much tartare one can eat before the tastebuds protest) and they’ve also adopted the casual dining feature of Dancing Crab where you just lay it out on the table (please remember to line it with the paper first). Price-wise, it’s steeper than Long John’s Silver but definitely more value for money since the quality of the fish used is much better. 
Big Fish Small Fish

Photos: Luke Elijah

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