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If you love truffles, you probably have already read my review on the World’s Strongest Truffle Chips, and the local brand has just launched their snowskin mooncakes this mid-autumn festival to tantalise the taste buds of truffle and durian lovers!

The brothers who started Aroma Truffle wanted to showcase the versatility of their skills as truffle artisans. Thus, they took their love for truffle a step further by combining the best of two decadent flavours – durian and truffles. But if you want to walk on a ‘safer’ side, there is also a Truffle Chocolate Molten Snowskin mooncake.

“The mid-autumn festival is a time where we spoil our loved ones with decadent mooncake treats. Truffle is a luxurious ingredient. It is something that should be enjoyed during special occasions. We decided to create a unique fusion of favourite local flavours with Mao Shan Wang and truffle. What better way to celebrate this festival than to add a lavish twist to our favourite sweet treat,” said Jonathan Chan, chef and co-founder of Aroma Truffle.

Premium Truffle Durian Snowskin Mooncake

The mooncakes are filled with 100% rich and creamy Mao Shan Wang durian flesh and infused with black Italian truffles, which you can smell the moment you open the double sealed packet. This treat is encased in bamboo charcoal snowskin and sprinkled with edible gold powder to form Aroma Truffle’s logo. There is no added sugar and preservatives as well.
Although frozen, this mooncake cuts relatively easily, which only proves that it is really fruit-filled and not mixed with stabilisers. Looking good already! On first bite, you can immediately taste the durian and then the slight savoury truffle notes. The shop assitant told me that the durian flavour was very strong but I think that the fresh ones straight from the husk is stronger.  I liked that it wasn’t too sweet but I was wondering why the truffle flavour was leaning towards savoury when fresh truffle is more chocolatey. My mother loved it on her first bite and if she, the fussy durian lover, likes it…then it has passed the durian taste. It is definitely better than most durian mooncakes out there were you have pittance durian flesh (if it’s real durian used) mixed with the lotus paste.

It kinda occurred to me that this is probably vegetarian/vegan!

Premium Truffle Chocolate Molten Snowskin Mooncake

At the core of this mooncake is a white chocolate ball filled with truffle chocolate lava. The core is covered with chocolate flavoured lotus paste and crunchy macademia nuts and then encased in truffle infused white snowskin which also is sprinkled with the edible gold powder.
The chocolate lava will only ooze if you thaw it but I left it in my freezer so I only had the solid creamy chocolate centre. Not complaining because it was still delicious! I also liked that I tasted more chocolate than lotus paste and it wasn’t cloyingly sweet. I like this fusion of chocolate truffle with truffle (confused yet? hahaha) as I felt that the flavours were a lot more complimentary than the durian one. But…I didn’t really taste the macademia nuts so that was a bit disappointing although overall, it was still a delicious mooncake.


Aroma Truffle’s mooncakes are catered to a more adult palette as they’re not that sweet and relies on a lot of natural flavours as well as aromas. For the price point and quality, these mooncakes are definitely a lot more value for money than other mooncakes out on the market!

Where to get your hands on these mooncakes

A box of four truffle mooncakes is priced at S$88 and you can choose the following options for each box:
  • 4 x Premium Truffle Durian
  • 4 x Premium Truffle Chocolate Molten
  • 2 x Premium Truffle Durian and 2 x Premium Truffle Chocolate Molten
The mooncakes can be purchased through Aroma Truffle’s website or at their store or booths:

Locations Availability
Aroma Truffle Boutique

Chinatown Point

8 August onwards
Takashimaya Square, B2 8 August – 13 September
Compass One, L2 Atrium 3 – 13 September
Novena Square, L1 2 – 12 September
Jurong Point, L1 26 August – 13 September
Raffles Xchange 19 August – 13 September

As there are only 1,000 boxes of mooncakes available for purchase, truffle fans are advised to grab a box of mooncakes while stocks last!

Photos: Aroma Truffles & Co. 

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