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I’m not going to attempt to pronounce the brand…LOL…but this is a Finnish Oat Milk that my friend gave me to try. I’ve been consuming a lot more nut milks and non-dairy alternatives as I tend to bloat a lot when I consume too much dairy. 1 cup of tea and a couple of scoops of ice cream are more than enough…anything beyond that will send me to bloat hell.

Anyway, back to the main point. Kaslink Aito’s oat milk. I’m quite impressed with this oat milk because it was rich and quite creamy. I’ve tried a couple of other brands that I’ve bought from the supermarket before and they tasted a bit thin.

You can use this as a milk alternative for your coffee or tea, and in my case, I used it in my smoothie. I also tried it in my scrambled eggs and it tasted normal too! Highly recommend this if you’re ever in Finland or you see this in the shops one day.

For more information on this, do visit their website https://kaslinkaito.com/products/aito-oat-drink-barista/

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