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I was invited to the launch of Singapore’s first truffle chips boutique located at Chinatown Point last week and managed to even speak to one of the brothers to find out more about their chips! Let’s get trufflin’!

(From left to right) Kayson Chan, Kenny Chan and Jonathan Chan, the co-founders of Aroma Truffle at the launch of their very first boutique at Chinatown Point

Aroma Truffle’s hand-cooked truffle chips were launched in late August 2018 and the trio have sold more than 100,000 bags since. Each packet costs S$10 but it’s really reasonable since every bag comes with bits of Italian black summer truffles.

“We noticed that truffle was becoming an increasingly popular flavour. Truffle is extravagent because of its extremely short shelf-life. I wanted to create a decadent truffle experience that is affordable, and can be enjoyed anywhere,” said Jonathan who is the chef in Aroma Truffle & Co.

I did ask him about how they managed to keep the aroma without the use of artificial synthetic truffles and Jonathan said that based on his experience as a chef, they experimented with a few techniques before they were able to perfect it. That is why each bag of chips are still so trufflin’ good despite truffles’ innate short shelf-life. He did tell me the secret but I’ve sworn to secrecy!

The Truffle Potato Chips 

The truffles used are flown in from a partner’s truffle farm in Spoleto, Italy where Kayson and Jonathan spent half a year sourcing for. The team experiemented for half a year with close to 60 recipe variations before coming up with the final one.

The main ingredient is the Black Summer Truffle, which has a rich woddy aroma with flavours of garlic, wild mushroom and earthy hazelnut undertones.

The boutique currently retails original and parmesan flavoured truffle chips but they’ll be rolling out the honey mustard version soon. I managed to taste all three and here’s what I think:

Original Good ruffled chips with good truffle aroma. Quite garlicky too. Does stand to their claim of being the “Strongest Truffle Chips”.
Parmesan Not a strong Parmesan flavour but is still addictive. Perhaps it’s a good balance as the parmesan shouldn’t be overpowering the truffle. Is a lot more salty as a result and can only be consumed in small batches.
Honey Mustard The truffle overpowers the honey mustard. I didn’t taste the honey flavour although it was slightly sweeter than the original. The mustard came as a slight kick in the aftertaste.

Mum and I at the launch

What’s next

“Apart from truffle chips, we are working on creating an affordable range of truffle seasoning so that consumers can add a hint of excitement to their daily meals,” said Kayson Chan.
Aroma Truffle will be introducing their Truffle Butter soon and Jonathan gave me some tips on how to best consume it – on toast or a dab of it in soup. I can reckon that it’ll brighten up my scrambled eggs as well. Yum!

Where to get them

Aroma Truffle’s stores are located at:

Chinatown Point, Level 1 (Flagship)
Level 1, Unit #01-20
Monday to Sunday
From: 12 PM – 9 PM
Direct Purchase & Pickup available
Suntec City Basement 1 (Kiosk)
Basement 1, Opposite Food Republic
Monday to Sunday
From: 12 PM – 9 PM
Direct Purchase & Pickup available
Harbourfront Level 2 (Pushcart)
Lobby B, Near Pepper Plus
Monday to Saturday
From: 11 AM – 8 PM
Direct Purchase only

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