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This blog post has been long overdue and I apologise for not being consistent because I’ve just been so busy these days and I have hardly cooked nor ate anything interesting as I’ve just been ordering in. Oops.

Anyway, finally had a get-together with a group of friends to try the hype that is known as The Coconut Club. I’ve heard about them quite some time ago and I was impressed with how the chefs took the simple dish of Nasi Lemak to the next level by ensuring that the coconut cream was hand-squeezed (that’s a lot of work) and only certain varieties of coconuts from Malaysia were used.

Thus, I had to try this plate of very atas Nasi Lemak (S$12.80++). As you can see from above, it is actually quite value-for-money! That’s a quarter of chicken on my plate! The chicken was fried to perfection and was tender and juicy, while the ikan bilis was also super crispy and crunchy. The sambal was also not too sweet, which I really appreciated as a lot of chilli sauces out there are simply too sweet for my liking. But be warned. The sambal packs a punch so if your spice tolerance is low, take very very very small amounts.

But let’s talk about the rice. After all, as the name suggests, Nasi Lemak would be it if there’s not coconut milk inside to make it lemak! You can see bits of the cream within the rice and the rice is not soggy. Moreover, I liked the balance between the creaminess of the coconut milk but it wasn’t overpowering so you don’t feel like you’re eating cream.

The great thing about eating in a group is that you get to order other stuff on the menu. And my favourite is always the Otak-otak ($10.50++ per piece).

There were 6 of us, which was why we ordered 2 pieces and I do think that 1 piece is enough for 3 persons, especially since everyone would be ordering a plate of nasi lemak. The otak-otak is really very delicious. One of the best I’ve ever eaten and you can see and taste the chunks of fish used to make this delightful dish. Some of my friends found it a little too spicy but I reckon that it’s just nice with your rice/chicken/egg.

If the otak-otak was really too spicy, then wash it all away with their chendol (S$3.80++; $1.20++ for additional azuki red beans). The coconut milk was the star of this dish again but as yummy as it was, I felt that I could’ve done with a lot more gula melaka.

They gave us complimentary kueh keuh!! The cakes are only S$2++ and changes daily, so you’ll need to ask the staff what’s in for the day. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed with the kuehs…not because it wasn’t better than Bengawan Solo but…it was about the same as Bengawan? And I think that the kueh beng kah (that orangey one) was much better at Violet Oon’s National Kitchen. However, my friend told me that the standard at National Kitchen has dropped…so alas, I’m not sure whether it’ll be a good comparison now. Nonetheless, my point is, I’ve had better.

Now, you can’t get a reservation at The Coconut Club and they’re pretty strict about only seating you when all parties have arrived. It does get pretty crowded so do try to get there as early as you can or another strategy is to go at about 8pm to let the first wave of diners leave.

Do note that on Sundays, they only open for lunch so don’t make the mistake that my parents and I made previously – going there without checking the opening hours. Otherwise, I do think that it’s worth the try and enjoy the delights that they have to offer. The nasi lemak itself is worth every penny and again, I do think it’s rather value for money when you look at the portions plus the quality of ingredients. Definitely a place to go on your cheat day!

The Coconut Club 
No. 6 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069787

Tel no.: +65 6635 2999

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday 11am to 3pm
Monday to Saturday 6pm to 9.30pm

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