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If you have seen this ad by Pizza Hut Singapore recently, you might be wondering what this is all about and what is this “Slice of Simple”?

At first, I thought that Pizza Hut was going back to basics and serve up what the Italians have been producing all these years – simple, unadulterated, thin crust pizzas. And my curiosity was piqued enough that when I received a media invite to Pizza Hut’s pizza buffet, I sent not one but TWO representatives on my behalf to just figure out what this new tagline is all about.

Rep 1 is a home cook who has baked her own pizzas, various other pastries as well as international cuisines but before this, she used to supply flavourings and spices to restaurants and sausage manufacturers. Rep 2 is a self-professed foodie who has eaten enough pizzas to know what she likes and doesn’t like.

A “Slice of Simple” with the New and Improved Pan Pizza

Through customer feedback, survey of more than 100 participants, as well as with intensive brainstorming within Pizza Huts’ various restaurant teams, they went to find out what an ideal pizza meant. After which, the product team went through repeated product refinement before serving up the all new Pan Pizza versions of familiar favourites such as the Hawaiian, Super Supreme, Chicken Supreme, Curry Chicken, Meat Galore and BBQ Chunky Chic with a crispier crust, improved sauces and toppings that are close to the edge.
As such, the menu is also more streamlined and they’re not complicating the food choice. Rather than being fancy, they’re just improving what they’ve always been good at.

Do the pizzas stand the taste test?

(Left to right) Meat Lovers, Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken

As you can see, the toppings are really as close to the edge as possible. It does feel like Pizza Hut has finally found a way to make you eat their crust. The edges of the pizza were definitely crispy while it gets softer and more bread-like after that.

The inside where you can see the bread/crust

Verdict? Both reps said that the crust was definitely a lot softer than previous and was an overall improvement. However, both reps are thin crust lovers so they had to really tell themselves that this was just the Pan Pizzas and they’re supposed to be like that.

Rep 1 felt that the so-called cabanossi sausage used in the Meat Galore pizza just didn’t have the oomph of proper Italian sausages as they didn’t have any fennel seed in it. Moreover, since Pizza Hut Singapore is Halal certified, there wasn’t any pork in this sausage so it could’ve used a bit more spices to bring up the flavours. Unfortunately, she also bit into some tendons/sinew in the minced beef.

Cream of Chicken Soup

Both liked the Hawaiian and Rep 1 even commented that they had really gone back to the same flavours as to when Pizza Hut first set up shop in Singapore.

As for the soup? Don’t bother. And the breadsticks? Made with the same recipe as their improved Pan Pizza but it ended up being neither hard nor soft. Thus…which kind of breadstick were they aiming for? You’re probably better off just eating the pizzas.

Overall, both felt that the Pan Pizzas were edible pizzas and definitely an improvement from before but if you are a real pizza lover, you’re probably a thin crust kinda person and will ditch this for the more artisanal ones. Is it really a slice of simple? Well, it’s as simple as Pizza Hut can get and relatively a no-brainer for the rest of us. However, my idea of a slice of simple is a Pizza Margherita that just has awesome crust topped with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil.

Unlimited slices of Pan Pizza at Buffet Fiesta

Nonetheless, if you really just love pizzas and want to relish in an exuberant indulgence while trying out every flavour of Pizza Hut’s new Pan Pizzas, then rejoice! From 25 June to 26 August 2018, selected outlets will have 90-minute pizza buffets each week and the schedule is as follows:

25 Jun to 8 Jul Bedok Mall Harbourfront Centre Jurong Point Lot One Shoppers’ Mall
9 to 22 Jul Bukit Timah Plaza Causeway Point The Seletar Mall
23 Jul to 5 Aug Ang Mo Kio Mall Eastpoint Mall NorthPoint City (North Wing) West Mall
13 to 26 Aug Bukit Panjang Plaza Plaza Singapura Sun Plaza West Gate

Prices are very pocket-friendly at S$19.85 (weekdays) and S$22.20 (weekends) for adults; S$12.80 (weekdays) and S$15.15 (weekends) for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Prices stated are inclusive of service charge and GST.

Do note that the buffets are available in 2 sessions on weekdays (6.15-7.45pm and 8-9.30pm) and 3 sessions on weekends (4.30-6pm, 6.15-7.45pm and 8-9.30pm).

As this is a limited time offer, please make your reservations at http://pizzafestival.pizzahut.com.sg.

Photo credits: Pizza Hut and In Chef Mode

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