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Meiji’s Hello Panda has introduced a new flavour – COCONUT! This was introduced to Singapore first before their global roll-out. This will be the latest addition to the brand’s six flavours – chocolate, strawberry (one of my faves!), milk (haven’t tasted this), double chocolate (where do they sell this?), Matcha Green Tea (yum!) and chocomilk (again, where do they sell this?).

If you’re not familiar with Hello Panda (hello childhood biscuit), it was first released in Japan in 1979 and is characterised by individual crispy biscuits filled with cream.

Adding a fun touch to the snack, Hello Panda has recently introduced 100 panda characters printed on the biscuit. Spot the unique designs as you eat the biscuits! This was from one pack and I was quite tickled to find out that none of the pandas are the same design.

“With the strong local snacking culture and rising popularity of Asian flavours in snacks, Hello Panda Coconut was crafted as a treat for our South East Asian fans,” said Akira Suzuki, Sales & Marketing Deputy Director in Meiji Seika Singapore.

Taste test? Reminds me of Kueh Bankit, which is a coconut biscuit that I help my mum make for Chinese New Year every year. It is very coconuty in flavour (thumbs up!) and I’m glad to know that it is made from natural coconut extract.

If you’ve grown up eating Hello Panda snacks like I did, you should try their latest flavour which will be in most leading retailers from June 2018.

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