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I had already read much about this S$10 gyudon stall at the famous Amoy Food Centre, which serves up “Instagrammable” beef rice bowls topped with onsen egg that oozes yolk when burst. I finally got to try the dish when the store, Gyu Nami, did a flash sale on Qoo10 where I only paid S$4.99 for this!

Gyu Nami only serves this one dish – wagyu beef rice bowl. And it is a really good deal.

Started in August 2017, Gyu Nami is on the second floor of Amoy Food Centre and don’t be fooled if you do not see a queue. Because they only have 1 dish, you need not wait long for your meal and I think that is a plus point if you’re rushing for lunch in the CBD.

Check out the eggporn

Do note that this dish has been altered slightly to suit the local palette. For example, they top it off with an onsen egg instead of a raw one and they top it off with a yoghurt sauce as well as black pepper.

The result – a nice fusion of flavours that blended quite well with the onion sauce. The thinly sliced roasted wagyu was very tender and still pink. The egg gave the dish a creaminess which was cut back with a slight tartness from the yoghurt. I liked how there was a small well in the rice/beef just for the egg too! The whole meal was nice and moist, without the usual situation where you’re left with plain ole rice and no sauce or gravy to make it more palatable.

Let’s admit that $10 is a bit expensive for hawker food BUT when you think of the quality of the ingredients and time needed to prepare this dish, $10 is really a bargain. Proper restaurants would charge at least $20 for this dish, especially since wagyu is being used.

Nonetheless, it is very cheap when you’re craving for a bowl of good gyudon. In terms of portion sizes, I do find it a tad small. It won’t leave your stomach half empty but I could do with one more slice of beef and a wee bit more rice. I’ll definitely get this the next time I’m in Amoy for lunch!

Gyu Nami
7 Maxwell Road, #02-126
Amoy Street Food Centre
Singapore 069111

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat, 11am – 3pm (or till sold out)
Closed on Sundays

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