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Went to Johor Bahru with a few friends for a quick day trip to get our Chinese New Year goodies and for dinner, we decided to go and have some fresh cockles after one of my friends told us about how huge they were.

Yes…there were cockles that were GINORMOUS and looked slightly vulgar (LOL) but we ended up choosing what we called the ‘medium’ sized ones.

They were good…no wonder my friend kept asking us whether one plate was enough. It was most certainly not enough and I think we will go back soon to try out the larger cockles! I honestly don’t remember how much we paid for the plate but I’m guessing that it was about RM12 (S$4)?

That was all washed down with a super huge mug of Buah Long Long juice drink. Yeah…I had that all to myself. I put my Hello Kitty tissue pack there so that you guys can get a size reference. If you’re wondering what Buah Long Long is, the closest description that I can give is that it is an Asian gooseberry. It tastes sour and a bit grassy, which is why they add sour plums into the drink to make it taste a lot better. Health benefits? Supposedly good for your eyes as well as acting as an antioxidant.

Can’t wait to try out the larger cockles soon! Hello JB!

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