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Met up with some ex-colleagues over high-tea at Fullerton Bay Hotel’s The Landing Point. Fullerton Bay has 2 restaurants that offer high tea: The Landing Point as well as The Clifford Pier. If you prefer local fare, then head onto The Clifford Pier. But if you want something more traditional, then The Landing Point is the place for you.

Check out the view from outside! However, we did move inside later because it started drizzling and we wanted to listen to the pianist too.

At S$45++ per person, the High Tea spread includes free flow of TWG teas and you can pick a different type of tea for each ‘refill’ as they will give you a fresh pot instead of simply adding hot water into the current pot.

The spread includes a buffet section as well as the 3 tiers of high tea goodies! From the buffet line, we have a summer squash tortellini, truffled egg sandwiches, scones (plain and with cranberry), mushroom puff pastry, hot dog pastry, mini quiches and cream cheese on crackers with dried fruit.

In the tiered plates, we have macrons, smoked salmon wraps, more truffled egg sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, smoked duck open face sandwich, mini quiches, Black Forest Swiss roll, creme brûlée, mince pies and spiced cookies. I may have forgotten some of the other foods that we had. Pardon me.

Yup, the Christmas theme was quite strong in the last tier and all of us were more impressed with the savoury bites than the sweet ones. Generally speaking, these were not refillable unless the staff walks around with a tray, asking whether you’d like more. Noticed that this happened nearer towards the end of high tea service.

We were quite blown away by the truffled egg sandwich because the truffle taste was strong but well balanced. The macarons were pretty good too, although our humidity caused the filling to be a little too soft by the time we got to eating them.

Service wise, you can’t really fault it since Fullerton is a 5 star hotel. The food is ok and if you think that the price is high, we kinda justified with the sheer number of pots of TWG teas we drank. Great to go with friends because you can try more types of teas together!

This is a nice way to just chillax with some friends and feel like a tai tai for an afternoon before taking a scenic walk along the Singapore River to walk off the calories!

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