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I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food but I have to admit to a fondness towards grilled corn, tacos and guacamole. Mmm…avocado…yum! So I decided to check out Mex Out’s latest Barrio branch at Vivo City and here’s what we ordered.

We went with 2 starters: Grilled Corn (top, S$7.90++) and fried Stuffed Jalepeno with Aioli sauce (below, S$8.40++). They call them ‘snacks’ and perhaps they could be and would go well with a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

I wasn’t too impressed with the grilled corn and I think I might’ve been spoilt by the AMAZING ones that I ate during the Singapore River Festival as well as those in Bali.

Chillies stuffed with cheese and then fried….yum! The spice from the jalepenos is cooled down with the oozing mozzarella and garlicky aioli. This is definitely worth the try and did not disappoint.

I’ve been trying to keep my diet to be about 40% vegetables and so, we ordered their Mexican Chopped Salad (S$11.90++ a la carte) and I was impressed when it come with a large scoop of avocado! I was expecting half an avocado that’s sliced up but this was definitely a generous portion of avocado. As far as salads can taste, it’s really quite normal with a bit of vinaigrette and you can make it a main meal by adding grilled chicken/beef or pulled pork (S$3++) or keep it vegan.

The other main that my friend and I shared was the Pulled Pork Tacos (S$15.90++ for 3 pieces). I love how soft their tacos were and although I normally do not eat spring onions, I could forgive the sprinkling of them for this dish. I liked that the tacos were neither anorexic nor stuffed to the point where you had items dropping out with each bite. The wedge of lime also kept things from getting from overwhelming to the palette. I’ll definitely want to go back to try the fish and beef versions.

CHURROS!!! Seems like such a human thing to like fried dough with chocolate or sugar. LOL. But I appreciate MexOut’s churros (S$5.90++ for 3 pcs) because they’re generously coated with cinnamon sugar and you can ignore the chocolate dip if you so wish…nah…who’s not eating chocolate when it’s warm and goes oh so well with churros?

I’ll make my way to Barrio again one day and in the meanwhile, you can plan your meal by checking out their menu here.

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