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I recently did a health test that apparently measures one’s healthy by passing a biomagnetic wave through the body. It was pretty quick (2 minutes) and I had to meet up with the consultant to interpret the results from my test.

Needless to say, we all know that this is a funnelling system and I went there fully prepared to be sold supplements or some health programme. But that’s not the point of this post.

According to her interpretation of the results, my heart rate was too low (hello…doesn’t she know that athletes tend to have lower BP because their hearts are more efficient at pumping blood throughout their bodies…and my heart rate actually decreased during the time where I was really actively exercising) and therefore needed to take Co-Q10. In addition, my body wasn’t efficiently burning fat so I needed to take Omega 3 fish oils and antioxidants to help my body along. Same goes for my endometriosis. I also needed to take more calcium because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. According to her, of course.

My salad above is my response. Supplements? There is no medical/scientific proof that taking fish oil supplements will significantly help you lose weight or help your heart condition. But that being said, Omega 3 oils are considered helpful to your heart and overall health…but most doctors and nutritionists say that it’s better to consume foods with it rather than from a distilled processed pill.

So…what does my salad contain?

  • Spinach as a base (at the bottom, unseen) for fibre, iron and calcium
  • Quinoa for protein, carbs and nutty flavour
  • Avocado for all the omega 3 and other good fats
  • Salmon belly for more omega 3 and protein
  • Feta cheese for calcium
  • Pomegranate seeds for antioxidants
Technically, I could even top it off with a bit of vinegar for added vitamin C and B vitamins!
By the way, I’m not against eating supplements as I do consume them. I’m just saying that you can easily incorporate vitamins, minerals and other good stuff into your diet and it’s often more beneficial to your body than merely popping pills. Supplements should be taken usually when you know that you’re not able to incorporate whatever it is into your daily diet.

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