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Friend was having a craving for the Korean Army Stew, which was how we ended up at Seoul Yummy (Westgate) and we saw that they were having Cheese Pot specials (S$52.90++ and meant for 2 pax).

We ordered the chicken version instead of seafood and the above is how it came. With 5 different sections, they were filled with (from top, clockwise) egg mixture, kimchi, chicken dumplings, mozzarella cheese topped with corn and ebiko (prawn roe) and the middle was rice with seasoned chicken.

As most hot pots or stews go, the fun is really in waiting for the food to cook. The rice was already cooked so when mixed with the chicken, was more like a fried rice. The cheese was mozzarella so it wasn’t really a dip but more like a topping we used on top of our rice and dumplings.

I found the egg really quite fun to cook because it could be an omelette if you’re patient or scrambled eggs if you were constantly stirring it with your chopsticks. All fun to eat with the cheese! The kimchi portion was a bit of a cop-out because we already had kimchi as a side dish so why would we need more kimchi? Would’ve preferred fish cakes or toppoki (spicy rice cakes) which would’ve gone really well with the egg or cheese.

The set meal came with dessert but we didn’t have a choice because the ice machine broke down at this particular branch that day. Thus, we had red bean soup with marshmallows and rice dumplings. The whole meal was doing fine until this. DO NOT ever order their red bean dessert. It was terrible. To make things worse, the manager had originally said that she’d give us the one with matcha ice cream to compensate our lack of choice but then when this came, the waitress insisted that we had to pay extra for a scoop of ice cream. (-_-)

Overall, the meal was satisfying despite the ending note but if I were to return to Seoul Yummy, I reckon their army stews are a lot more worth while for the money compared to this.

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