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I know, I know…I’m a little slow on this whole Japanese baked cheese tart craze that swept over Singapore earlier. The thing is…I hate crowds and I hate to queue. So whenever I saw the long lines for BAKE Cheese Tart at either Ion Orchard or at Jurong Westgate, I avoid and just carry on.

That is until one evening, I was there with a friend till about 8.30pm and there was NO queue. That’s when I decided to buy 6 very expensive tarts at S$19.50 but it beats buying them each at S$3.50. More for the family. Do note that the prices are still quite comparable to those sold in Hong Kong and Bangkok, especially since these tarts are flown in from Japan before being baked in stores.

I had to try them warm because these babies just came out from the oven. Made with 3 different types of cream cheese, the first bite was an amazing party of white cream cheese flowing into your mouth. The pastry was not too crumbly but not too firm either. Melded with the slight crust at the top, this was truly a bite of cheese heaven.

“The Best Cheese Tart Ever” is printed on their tart paper and…no, they are not being arrogant. It really IS the best cheese tart I’ve ever tasted. I can only imagine if you’re in cold Hokkaido eating this warm cheese tart. Yup…would’ve happily stood at the sidewalk munching on this and be oblivious to the world.

I love the box as they went with 2 ‘drawers’ instead of 1 flat one to house the delicious tarts. Because Valentines’ Day had just past, we were still given the Valentines’ Day themed ones. Cute!

You can eat them cold but they can only be refrigerated for up to 3 days while a cheese ‘ice cream’ tart is achieved by keeping them in the freezer. I didn’t try the ‘ice cream’ version but it was still good chilled. If you still want them warm, heat them up in the toaster oven. Microwave is not recommended unless you’re really impatient.

Needless to say, other bakeries (such as Prima Deli) have come up with their own versions of the baked cheese tart but they were either too sweet or too heavy. Only BAKE managed to get the right consistency where it wasn’t too cloyingly sweet nor dense. Must be the 3 types of cheeses.

Who knows how long this fad will last but in the meanwhile, I highly recommend that you try at least 1 tart!

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