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Fresh figs are seasonal (even in Singapore) which is why I grab punnets when I see them on sale. And that is also why you’ll see figs in my meals more often than not. Anyway, most people may eat them just like that or just like how I incorporated it into my chia seed pudding. Others may add fresh figs into their oat porridge or cereal.

However, I decided to try something new. Fig and honey goes really well together. So why not toast it on a piece of wholemeal bread? That’s what I did and the combination was a hearty, sweet and delicious breakfast.


  1. Slather/drizzle honey onto the bread
  2. Slice one fig thinly and place the slices on top of the bread
  3. Toast for 2-3 minutes
  4. Serve hot with some milk tea

You may add a small dollop of butter at the top if you want it to be decadent. However, I chose to keep it a little more guilt-free. If you have some crushed nuts, go ahead and sprinkle them on top to give it a bit of crunch. If you are gluten-intolerant, then I would suggest swapping the bread with rice crackers or pumpernickel.

This is a sweet version of how to use figs but if you’ve followed by blog, you will know that I’ve roasted chicken with figs before and it was absolutely YUMMEH. So don’t be surprised to see some savoury recipes for figs coming up soon!

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