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Espresso Rack Of Lamb

A lot of cafes come and go in Singapore but Oriole has been around for years (although it has been bought over and now is under Far East) and it has been more than 3 years since I last visited. I have more culinary tales to tell of their offering!

When I was there in 2012, I wasn’t there for a full meal so I merely ordered some starters and a sandwich (you can read that review here). This time round, I went there twice within the month for 2 separate lunches so I bring with you a few more new dishes to recommend.

Above is their Espresso Lamb (S$30++) and it’s just 3 lamb chops that have been marinated with espresso before going onto the grill. It came on a bed of potatoes, asparagus and some mash potatoes. The lamb was really tender and I was so tempted to go cavewoman on them and gnaw at the bones.

Their Garlic Prawn Risotto (S$25++) was also quite comforting. The risotto was cooked in prawn bisque and it tasted absolutely decadent. I loved that the prawns were really fresh and there were slices of asparagus in there too, so I still felt that I was eating quite healthily.

Oh! Be still my heart! That’s the Sticky Date Pudding (S$12++) which comes with a scoop of ice cream and crumble. I love how gooey the sauce was and how it was so good to eat it warm and that take a bite of cold ice cream. I could eat this for a week if I didn’t care about my health. HAHA.

As I’ve mentioned in another post,  Oriole is known for their coffee and I’m forever meeting people who keep raving to me about their coffees. Too bad I don’t drink coffee except for Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha. The prices are definitely comparable to Starbucks but if you love love love your coffee, you’ll probably find that Oriole is giving you a higher quality brew.

Oriole Cafe & Bar 
96 Somerset Road
Pan Pacific Services Suites #01-01
Singapore 238163
Tel: 6238 8348

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