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Headed over to Alexandra Village (AV) with Dad and Bro for lunch and we decided to go over to the more hipster side of AV where I notice that the stall that De’Burg had vacated is now another burger joint named ‘Jack Ripper’. Don’t ask me whey they named it after a notorious serial killer because I seriously did not ask that question. It was also a bit ironic to me that Jack the Ripper was British but hamburgers are usually seen as American food.

We were there quite late (almost 2pm) and they had sold out all their beef and lamb burgers. Only ones left where the pork and fish based. I decided to go with their pork burger which is named “Swine and Roses”. I went onto get the set for $25+ (yes, GST is not included on the price list so be prepared to pay another 7% onto the listed prices) which came with fries, a gourmet side (I chose bacon wrapped asparagus) and a milkshake (choice between white chocolate or milk chocolate).

Waiting for this to beep to grab my food

Tada…my meal! Swine & Roses has a pork patty which comes with cheddar cheese, apple slices, lettuce, maple mustard and a fried onion ring. There were apple bits in the pork patty too. Let’s break down the burger first, shall we?

Firstly, I do like the presentation…everything in a basket is pretty handy when it’s all self-service. However, I did not like the aluminium wrapping of the bottom half of the burger. With the burger so hot, the aluminium transferred that heat over to my poor fingers. I really wished that they swapped it with grease paper. Otherwise, I must say that this burger was super juicy and delicious. The apple slices helped cut back the saltiness of the patty while adding some crunch. They were not stingy with the sauce nor the cheese as everything started oozing at the sides. The bun was really soft and reminded me of the same ones used at Omakase Burger.

Onto the Bacon Wrapped Asparagus. They were quite ok and I think it was a bit too porky for my meal considering that I ordered the pork burger. I wished that they had more veggie options on the sides because as much as I love my meat, I do like my fibre to counterbalance all that fat.

There are meatballs under that sauce

As I was having a really bad throat that day, I had initially asked them to replace the fries with something else. The guy was not willing to do so at first but when I went to pick up my food, he had changed my fries to their best selling Meatballs!

I thought it was ratatouille at first but when I poked into the cup, I found balls of meaty goodness. The meatballs were seriously better than those at IKEA. Main let down would probably be the accompanying sauce. They call it marinara sauce and it was probably made from scratch but it tasted like cheap spaghetti sauce, if you know what I mean. Lessen the starch factor and up the fresh tomato taste and this would’ve been PERFECT.

I initially thought that S$25+ for this whole lot (including my milkshake which I forgot to snap a photo of) was pretty expensive. However, when I compared it to the quality and sheer amount of food, I think it was quite a good deal. The sides are great to share with others on the table and a burger alone costs S$12-$22, which makes the rest of the set well worth it.

On my wish list: more beverage choices and more veggie options. I had also feedback that they should put a note on the menu informing clients that GST is not inclusive in the prices so as not to mislead people (seriously, who thinks about paying GST at a foodcourt or kopitiam?). If I had a serious gourmet burger craving one day, I now know where the nearest one is to me!

Jack Ripper
Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 151119
Opens: 11:30am

You can also order it through Deliveroo.

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