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My ex-colleague treated me to lunch as she had missed my farewell lunches back in August. She brought me to this Japanese restaurant named Manzoku, located at Purvis Street. I never knew about this Japanese place as our usual haunt was another Japanese place further up the street!

Manzoku means ‘satisfied’ in Japanese and with a name like that, they aim to please all their customers so that they leave feeling absolutely satiated. Mazoku happens to be the sister restaurant of Chikuwa Tei and both belong to the Yoi Group. Even before I ordered the food, I seriously had high expectations.

Their famous Chirashi Don

The recommendation from my friend is their Chirashi Don (S$25++) and it comes with miso soup as well as a plate of fruit. I must say that for $25, it is A LOT of raw fish and salmon roe! The slices were also very thick and fresh. Very slight downside is that the rice has a bit too much vinegar in it but it’s forgivable.

Inaniwa Udon

My ex-colleague ordered the Beef Sukiyaki (S$32++) but instead of rice or normal udon/soba, she ordered the special Inaniwa udon. Inaniwa udon is so-called as it originates from Inaniwa, located in the Akita Prefecture in Japan. The consistency is a lot chewier than normal thick udon and the thickness is more towards soba. What makes it a little more unique is that it is a hand-stretched and aged udon, meaning that production of this udon is not as massive as your usual udon and soba, thus not a lot of restaurants in Singapore offer it. Plus, the demand isn’t quite there.

This is my 2nd time eating the Inaniwa Udon and I must say that Manzoku’s was very smooth. I like the chewy texture a lot! I definitely will order this again, especially since I now know where I can find it in Singapore.

Sorry that I didn’t manage to grab a photo of the Beef Sukiyaki as I was too busy eating and talking to my friend. However, I have to say that for $32, the serving portion was quite huge for 1 female. I think the men will not have a problem finishing up the whole bowl. They were very generous with the vegetables and beef. Best part is that the beef still tasted like beef. Oh, how many times I’ve been disappointed at some popular Japanese chains in Singapore where the beef has mysteriously lost its beefiness…I digress. Back to Manzoku’s beef sukiyaki. The broth itself was pretty good too and me thinks that the next time I go to Manzoku, I’ll be ordering the beef sukiyaki.

We left Manzoku just as the name suggests – satisfied. All they can improve now is to change the menus so that the plastic pages don’t fall off.

18 Purvis Street
Singapore 188597

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