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I was walking around Bugis Junction and I spied my dessert eye on this corner shop at the basement level where they have 2 things that I like – ice cream and tai ‘cake’!

Tai cake is a sweet waffle/cake that is normally shaped like a fish and traditionally filled with red bean paste. However, modern versions include chocolate, custard, cream cheese and other yummy concoctions. This Tai-Parfait decided to change the shape of the fish’s mouth to be wide and topped it with ice cream/cream/fruit to level-up the decadence.

So, I chose the more ‘original’ Japanese flavour of Matcha Azuki and chose to have matcha flavoured ice cream and a custard filling (you get a choice of chocolate/ red bean/ custard). All of this for S$5.50.

Taste wise, I must say that I enjoyed the azuki bean paste and the matcha cream was more like a matcha custard so it wasn’t very cloying. The cake batter is a lot lighter than the usual and therefore, you do feel like you’re eating a dense wafer cone rather than a cake. I loved the fact that once you’ve finished up the ice cream on top, the filling inside the ‘fish’ makes you chomp away happily. This beats a normal ice cream cone any day.

I do not want to think about the calories this tiny thing holds. Just imagine. Uh huh. It’s probably a meal and a half. Oops. Time to swim and burn some fats…

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