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Look at this charming place with all the old Chinese tobacco and cosmetics advertisements, record player, telephone and even light switches! This place is Jew Kit and it is a chain of restaurants that specialises in Hainanese food. Especially Chicken Rice.

Love that their menu comes as ‘The Jew Kit Times’! Moreover, they used this brown shade as the base so that it’s even more nostalgic in terms of look and feel.

Check out that bucket!

So…what did we order?

Beef Hor Fun with Special Sauce

Strangely enough, our mains came before our appetisers so that’s how I’m going to review the dishes too! My main was Beef Hor Fun with Special Sauce. I was drawn to the words “special sauce”. Turned out to be normal Si Chup Hor Fun. However, the one at Geylang and the coffee shop behind my home churns out better ones. The sauce did not have as strong a black bean taste compared to other Tze Char stores though. Nonetheless, the lack of wok hei in the noodles was what made it even more disappointing. That and the salty slices of beef.

Seafood Fried Sang Min

Mum ordered the above. This is not an easy dish to cook admittedly and besides the gravy, it has also got to do with how fried the noodles are. Too fried and you’ll get a burnt taste. Not fried enough and it’ll taste like normal instant noodles with gravy. The gravy was ok but the noodles didn’t have the usual oomph from other tze char stalls.

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng simply means ‘fried noodles’ but if it’s spelt in Malay, it means that it’s spicy and has sambal in it! Dad said that it’s not bad but it was really spicy for him.

Fish Fragrance Eggplant

What the heck is ‘fish fragrance’? When this dish came, I was looking all over for any pieces of fish (none) and I really couldn’t taste any fish. Mum reckoned that the fish fragrance meant that it was cooked with fish sauce. Hmm. Anyway, the dish reminded me of hotplate tofu because the sauce is almost similar. My issue with eggplant/brinjal when it’s cooked this way is mainly because of the skin. If you want the skin on, it’s normally because you’re going to cook the flesh till it’s so limp that the skin is the only thing holding the slice together. If you take the skin off, you run the risk of churning out Chinese baba ghanouj. They kept the skin on but parts of the eggplant wasn’t as cooked and limp as I’d like it. 🙁

Jit Kew Fried Chicken Wings

Gimme some wings! It has been a long time since I’ve had fried chicken wings!! Immediate thought: is this prawn paste chicken? First bite: ooh no! It’s really not prawn paste chicken but it’s fried till a lovely crisp and the batter has a bit of five spice taste to it. Not over powering but just nice and goes really well with their chilli sauce.

I washed it all down with a glass of their Pomelo Mint drink. It’s actually yuzu. Don’t understand why they called it pomelo. The cold version is yuzu syrup with soda and sprigs of mint leaves. So…you’ll taste the yuzu but no mint. It’s refreshing! But I feel cheated because I was expecting real pomelo juice. 🙁

Overall, we were sucked in by the decor of the place and it’s really not a bad place to hang out and have a throwback to the 1960s. The taste of the food is not a throwback for sure.

Jew Kit Restaurant
105 Killiney Road
Singapore 293546

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