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A colleague of mine is vegetarian and so, when it came to her treating me to a farewell lunch, we opted for a vegetarian meal at Sufood. The great thing about Sufood is that it’s Italian-inspired so no mock meats!! Moreover, they also cater to vegans and all types of vegetarians so do let them know if you would like to leave out the garlic/onions from your meal.

They have set lunches (S$21.90++ per pax) but you have to prompt them before they give that price to you. Otherwise, their full sets are S$29.90++ per pax although you can still order each dish ala carte.

Sufood Appetiser

When the appetiser was served, we were told to eat from right to left. The 3 blocks on the right are Japanese yam topped with a blackcurrent jam. It was a little sweet, tart and slimy because of the yam. Couldn’t help but think of my usual grated imo with tuna. The middle is a very carefully rolled up bunch of blanched vegetables with a creamy peanut/sesame sauce that was very light on the palate. Next comes another blast of flavour with the last morsel of konyakku jelly that’s plum flavoured and has half a cherry tomato encased inside.

French Onion Soup

I chose to have a French Onion Soup and it was really tasty. If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have guessed that it was vegetarian.

Another colleague ordered the yam soup with burdock and mushrooms. It was very clear and the self-declared carnivore also said that it was really yummy.

Various juices

For drinks, we chose a variety of juices. Mine is the green one and it has a seemingly dubious name of Ashitaba…but it tastes like lime juice with a hint of some leaves and honey plus aloe vera. Quite refreshing!

Onto the mains…

I ordered charchoal noodles with sauteed wild mushroom with cherry tomatoes and some fresh lettuce. It was done a bit like an aglio olio spaghetti but the noodles tasted a little peppery. I wished that they added more garlic though. I also would’ve preferred if they had tossed in carrots or some other vegetables inside instead of the lettuce.

Most of my colleagues opted for the mac & cheese as they were afraid that the lack of meat would make them hungry. I tried a little and although it was tasty, you would’ve gotten sick of eating it half way.

After our mains, it is *drumroll* our dessert!

Black Sesame Panna Cotta

Their panna cotta is really smooth and creamy. Quite a nice finish and the addition of candied walnuts above gave it a bit of a connection to traditional cantonese dessert of double boiled milk pudding. It’s not too sweet, so that’s good.

Doesn’t this dish look so gorgeous? It’s the red bean soup (warm) and it comes with a stick of yam balls. Before you eat, the waiter will take a knife and push the yam balls into the soup. According to my colleague, the colours of the yam balls were not for show. Each ball was coloured and flavoured by different fruit and vegetables. I only tasted the red bean soup and you could tell that they added black glutinous rice to boil. Again, it was not very sweet and it’s just such a pretty dish.

Osmanthus Flower Jelly

A couple of colleagues ordered the Osmanthus Flower Jelly and according to them, it was ok. I’ve made this before so you know that it’s really simple to make and nothing too special.

It’s worth a try but I really wished that they had cheaper set lunches. Upside is that they’ve got tons of other mains such as pizza! Best thing is that there is no such thing as mock meats and they allow the natural flavours of the fruit and vegetables to just taste like they’re supposed to.

252 North Bridge Road
#02-19 Raffles City
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6333 5338
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 1130am – 430pm (last order at 3pm)
Dinner: 530pm – 1030pm (last order at 9pm)

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