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Was brought to this place named “Arbuckles” and it’s apparently one of the more famous food joints in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

My aunt had a craving for their cheese bread sticks and with the 3 of us, she ordered the large plate.

The above is nothing but cheese and bread sticks. Loads and loads of melted mozzarella cheese. Served with marinara sauce but my cousin also asked for ranch. That’s all we had for lunch. Seriously!

I understood why my aunt liked it after a couple of bites. The bread is more like pastry and was buttery and flaky. My cousin told me that if you ordered the ‘plain’ one, it’s coated with herbs and olive oil.

Back to the cheese version. Because there’s so much cheese, the marinara sauce helped to curb that jerlat feeling although the ranch sauce went really well with it too. I was alternating between the 2 sauces. I bet the waitress thought that we 3 Asians are so cheap for ordering only 1 plate of starters and sharing that. However, I have to think of my stomach and my objective of losing weight. Nonetheless, I think I would’ve been happier getting a small one and then another starter to share. For the sake of variety.

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