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My friend and I were crazy enough to walk the whole length of Central Park and by the time we reached the Times Square area, it was 2pm and we had worked up an appetite. For some weird reason, we turned into a corner and the street didn’t look the most touristy but we spotted Num Pang Cambodian Sandwich and we decided to eat lunch there. Their side tables with chairs was also a huge pull factor for us tired ladies who wanted to sit and eat.

So sorry that I didn’t take any photos of our sandwiches because I was so tired and hungry that I ate it all up before having that “Uh oh” moment. So…you’ll just have to hop on over to Num Pang’s website or search online for the images to get a look.

I ordered their pork meatball sandwich with chilli mayo. If you’ve ever had a Vietnamese Banh Mi, then you’ll understand what sort of flavours I’m talking about. My pork meatball sandwich tasted exactly like the Banh Mi that I often get from Nam Nam in Singapore. It was delicious and filling! It will be a little messy on your fingers so do grab quite a few pieces of paper napkins. It’s not the cheapest sandwich to have at US$10 on average. However, it’s worth the try! They do have a few branches in New York City which you can check via their website.

Num Pang Sandwich Shop

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