Massive Slices and Interesting Flavoured Pizza at Polito’s

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After the cheese factory, my cousin decided to bring me to Polito’s as it’s another famous food joint in Stevens Point.

The decor of the place is quite old school and reminds me of a mix between a diner and a sports bar. There are several photos lining the wall and goodness knows what you’ve got to do to get your photo up there.

The slices are massive and they’re proud of it. In fact, Polito’s tagline is “Home of the big slice”. They’ve got very interesting flavours too! Flavours that you’d never think would be on a pizza. On the left is Steak & Fries while the right is Mac & Cheese. Yup, more carbs on carb.

Photo of the slices with my cousin and his girlfriend to give you some perspective on how large the slices are.

Oh, the pizza is cheap. It’s less than $5 per slice and it’s big enough to sustain you for 4 hours or more. Taste wise, I must say that the flavours work! The steak and fries had a BBQ sauce base so it’s more like a BBQ pizza with fries. I much preferred that to the Mac & Cheese because it’s really more carbs and too cheesy without the cream. I get why people love this place though!

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