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Leaving on a jet plane to New York for my long awaited holiday! Woohoo!! And as I’ve probably mentioned several times, I’m currently cutting down on my gluten intake due to my endometriosis. Hence, I’m so happy that Singapore Airlines has several meal options to choose from:
– vegetarian
– gluten free
– low carbohydrate (tried it before and it’s not that filling)

I believe that there are some other options that you can choose from after you’ve selected your seats. Great, isn’t it? Anyway, I chose the gluten free option and like all other special meals, I got my food first!

For ‘breakfast’ on my flight to Frankfurt, my meal consisted of chicken breast served with roasted pumpkin, beans and boiled potatoes. Quite yummy so far. There was a garden salad as well as rice crackers (instead of bread rolls) together with orange juice and dessert was pear on a berry compote. I didn’t like the idea of eating rice crackers with butter. Doesn’t make any culinary sense to me. Suggestion…honey/jam instead?

As for lunch, I really quite like the shrimp salad and the main of fish with rice, peas and carrots were quite ok. The rice pudding dessert was rather hard and I would’ve preferred fruit or ice cream. Too much rice. No rice crackers in sight this time. Instead, I had pumpernickel. It was really heavy and filling. I couldn’t finish 1 piece and they gave me 4 pieces in total!

Overall, the food is quite good and since it’s only gluten free, it isn’t too far off from the ‘normal’ meals served. Rice crackers/pumpernickel instead of bread rolls and not a noodle on my plates. Quite enjoyable. Much better than the low carb meal that I’ve tried once a upon a time and swore off it as I was hungry throughout the whole flight while lusting over everyone else’s meals. Nonetheless, you can’t fault SQ for catering to your dietary needs! 😉

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